Questions tagged with 'sap'

Saucer magnolia sap/exudant?

Oakland County Michigan gardening sap saucer magnolia aabi magnolia scale submitted 3 months ago.

Sticky Sap on Money Tree

Anne Arundel County Maryland houseplant money tree sap submitted 7 months ago.

Insects on Our Willow Oak

Calvert County Maryland sap willow oak tree trunk submitted about 1 year ago.

Dripping River Birch

Dakota County Minnesota birch sap submitted over 1 year ago.

Weeping Willow

Montgomery County Maryland willows sap submitted over 3 years ago.

Is my oak tree sick

Sussex County Delaware trees and shrubs plant disease oak tree sap submitted about 5 years ago.

Plum tree Disease or Infestation

Williamson County Texas trees and shrubs sap horticulture submitted almost 6 years ago.