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Mallard ducks

Gloucester County New Jersey mallard ducks poultry behavior submitted about 1 year ago.

I love my ducks but..

Jefferson County Ohio poultry poultry behavior ducks submitted over 1 year ago.

pet chicken

Snyder County Pennsylvania backyard poultry poultry behavior submitted almost 2 years ago.

Puffed up neck feathers

Berks County Pennsylvania poultry chickens turkeys chickens poultry behavior submitted almost 3 years ago.

Free range chickens

Franklin County Pennsylvania poultry poultry chickens turkeys poultry behavior submitted about 3 years ago.

Dropping or broiler wings

Outside United States poultry poultry behavior poultry health submitted almost 4 years ago.

Chickens won't go inside in cold

Northampton County Pennsylvania poultry poultry housing poultry behavior submitted over 4 years ago.

Emptying the nest

Outside United States poultry housing poultry behavior submitted almost 5 years ago.