Questions tagged with 'invasives'

removing and disposing of periwinkle

Howard County Maryland invasives groundcovers submitted 3 days ago.


Howard County Maryland bamboo invasives bamboo erradication killing bamboo running bamboo submitted 10 days ago.

wood ash and bamboo

Prince George's County Maryland weeds invasives ornamental grasses submitted 14 days ago.

Lantern Fly residue

Anne Arundel County Maryland invasive insect lanternfly spotted lanternfy invasives submitted 20 days ago.

Invasive English ivy

Baltimore County Maryland english ivy vines invasives invasive vines herbicide for invasive vines submitted about 1 month ago.

noxious weed or invasive?

Montgomery County Maryland invasives ipomoea purpurea submitted 2 months ago.


Baltimore County Maryland invasives kudzu submitted 8 months ago.