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Is their such thing as a dwarf camellia?

Multnomah County Oregon camellia camellias submitted about 1 month ago.


St. Mary's County Maryland brown leaves camellia shrub possible winter damage submitted about 1 year ago.

Camellia leaf burn

St. Mary's County Maryland winter injury abiotic issues shrub camellia submitted over 1 year ago.

Camellia scale

Montgomery County Maryland shrub camellia submitted almost 3 years ago.

Bay Wise Site Visit: Plummer GArden

Anne Arundel County Maryland shrub camellia submitted about 3 years ago.

Camellias, aphids and mouldy soot

Montgomery County Maryland camellia shrub sucking insects submitted about 3 years ago.

Purple spots on Winter Joy camellia

Prince George's County Maryland camellia shrub submitted over 3 years ago.

30 year old camelia tree shedding leaves

Montgomery County Maryland shrubs camellia camellia dropping leaves submitted about 4 years ago.