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Pasture Fungus I.D. & Treatment

I have a black fungus in my lawn/pasture that I need to have identified and given non chemical, preferable element treatment options. I hope the photos can help identify the problem.I have horses grazing on the area in the evenings along with pet dogs so an elemental treatment program is a must rather than chemicals. I live north of Etna.


Lincoln County Wyoming over 3 years ago

Create Buffalo Grass Plugs

I'm in Cheyenne, and my south-side lawn gets full sun all summer, and the current grass is ill-equipped to survive. I'm thinking about putting in buffalo grass. The ease of using plugs appeals to me, but it's pricey. Seed is cheaper, but it would require me to till my existing space. My question is this: can I buy seed and some trays and create my own plugs? If so, do you have any advice on doing this? How long before the plugs may be planted? I assume I'd need to plant about an inch down, and it would be best to keep the trays outside to avoid shock when they are planted. I appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Laramie County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

"Sugared" jelly

Is it possible to microwave a jar of jelly that has "sugared" to reconstitute it?

Laramie County Wyoming almost 6 years ago


We have purchased a bobcat from Montana. Now I have been researching and found the only way to own a bobcat in Wy. is when it is for educational reasons. We are in the process of building an outside place for it with a large sized shed and 6 ft. fencing. It will be an indoor cat. What can we do to get a license for this cat and make it legal to own it. We have already purchased and the kitten will be ready for pick up at the end of this month or the first week of August. It is coming Montana. I also need to know the law about crossing the state line with this cat. Please answer soon, we realize we are making at least a 25 year commitment with this cat and know it eats about pound of meat a day and all its dietary needs. Thank you. and our phone number is 347-3124


Washakie County Wyoming over 3 years ago

biological alfalfa weevil control

Hello, I am a graduate of UW, and I had a number of entomology classes, good stuff. I am a cattle rancher and we farm a couple hundred acres of alfalfa/pasture. Im interested in trying to boost my biological control of weevil. Ive read that the Bathyplectes wasps, may be my best bet. Do you know of any other options? And d o you have any ideas on where I could purchase a large quantity of weevil weapons.


Washakie County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

Best water to COOK with?

I use well water (east of Cheyenne) to cook with. My "Joy of Cooking" says soft water is best for most cooking processes, although very soft water will make yeast doughs soggy and sticky. Hard water & some soft waters affect flavor..may toughen legumes and fruits and shrivel pickles..they alter the color of some veggies and turn white veggies yellow...and on it goes. What's a cook to do? I am having trouble making yeast breads. What water would you suggest I purchase to help improve my breads??


Laramie County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Elder Financial Exploitation

Is financial exploitation of a senior citizen a criminal or civil matter? What are the primary determining factors? What is the best way to find a lawyer to review Elder Financial Exploitation?


Park County Wyoming legal issues 28 days ago

2 years of seedlings being stunted

The last couple of years the pepper and tomato seedlings for the garden have got to the cotyledon stage or one real leaf and stunted with no growth but they don't die.They barely grow when transplanted outdoors.I'm using t-5 florescent lights, how close should they be.Can a blast of cold air from leaving the door open cause this?I have a large indoor garden in the winter and have been fighting fungus knats the last few years, do they damage seedlings? The root growth in 2"x2" cells looks white but like a spider web and after 2 months the soil in the cell mostly just falls off of what little roots that are there when transplanting.I use seed starters with a water reservoir and a capillary mat.I use tobacco. Can Mosaic Virus stunt seedlings but not kill them?
Thanks for your thoughts on this,


Natrona County Wyoming tomato care damping off transplanting seedlings tomato cold tolerance tomato seedlings tobacco mosaic virus self watering container system about 1 month ago

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