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Hair nets

I will realized after wrote question I was in the wrong department.. sorry

Crawford County WI almost 3 years ago

Asking questions about baking

Do you answer questions about baking and cooking?

Milwaukee County WI about 3 years ago

bat bug heat tolerance

How high of a temperature will kill bat bugs? Has this been researched?

La Crosse County WI bat bugs insects over 3 years ago

why won't my horse breed????

why won't my horse breed????

Door County WI over 3 years ago

Testing how to use askExpert

I am a web-developer, currently working on a decision tool on biofuel. One of my colleague suggested I review AskExpert and so far I am liking this.

I think we should have an example (or a template) in place for those who want to embed ask expert in their website. I am trying a hardway by copying a source code from an existing website. I am, however, using a group id associated with that website. If this question is visible is public, I consider my test successful.

If you get this message, would appreciate any documentation around how to embed AskExpert on an extension focused website.

Dane County WI over 4 years ago

Biomass productivity

What is the cost of production of switchgrass?

Dane County WI over 4 years ago

I sent an earlier picture of the plant's leaf and here are better pictures of...

I sent an earlier picture of the plant's leaf and here are better pictures of the plant. I think it is a weed but want to be sure before I pull it out. The foliage is pretty cool.


Polk County WI weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

bush is stripped of bark and dying with a black mold on some branches

This bush looks like a deer buck rubbed it only its too far up branches with shredding on branches there is also a black mold on one of branches there is new growth coming below I don't know name of bush sorry ? is for friend that does yard work for lady it was fine last year its about 12 foot high and 10 foot around round type leaf and flowers not lilac ?? Ive never seen this before !

Dane County WI trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

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