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Dog and rhubarb question!

My dog has pooped near (about 5 inches from the base of the plant at closest, but not on the plant) my rhubarb plant over the winter and now I’m wondering if the rhubarb stalks are safe to harvest and consume or if I should wait until next year or the second crop to enjoy! Thank you

Walla Walla County WA 4 months ago

Millipedes in my soil?

I have what I believe are centipedes or millipedes throughout my raised garden beds. I thought only 1 bed was involved but now I know at least 3 have them by the hundreds. They are approximately ½ inch long, shiny, solid medium brown, NOT variegated in color, worm-like critters with tiny legs on their entire underside, legs do not stick out sideways, no antenna that I can see. They seem to live in the area of 1-2 inches deep in the soil; I don't find them deeper. As soon as they are uncovered, they curl up in a circle. Then after a few seconds they just disappear back into the soil. Last growing season when I pulled up my lettuce, there were hundreds of them in/on the roots that were left and in the soil. They literally ate off the lettuce roots and turned it to mush. The same for my yellow onions I was going to harvest toward fall. Roots completely gone and bottom of the bulb raw and mushy. Again, hundreds of these when I pulled all the onions. I am afraid if I plant anything in the beds they will eat the roots and everything dies.

After Fall garden clean-up is complete, we mix in 1, 5 gallon bucket of aged chicken manure we get locally from a chicken farm, into each of our 3 raised and 4 elevated garden beds.

1. Is there a way to control the population?
2. Are these beneficial in some way?
3. What can I use to kill them without also killing the worms?
4. Will liquid Sevin work to kill them and be safe for the veggies?

Any other information on these would be helpful. Thanking you in advance.

Connie Meier
208 866-2690

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Clark County WA 4 months ago

Where is your research coming from

They literally pulled them from my hair follicle and did a lab report that was conclusive that they do live on humans. Just not one from one follicle but from many. I not only have one species but several of them. Not only that but they are in my colon stool sample came out positive at once not twice but three times. Conclusive that they are not coming from my anus pick from inside my colon. This is Dr like you that are causing other doctors not to listen to patients not one test was done on me at first for a full year after 38 doctors I finally went to the labs and had them pull the samples themselves and do the report instead of a dermatologist or a parasite specialist looking through the microscope themself. I am now taking these reports and having them mailed to the CDC where I also been in contact and they are also doing studies regarding collombolla human infestation. And even though they found that they do infest humans they are not issuing report until they have all other questions answered due to the fact that they had denied this possibility in the past. That's just great that doesn't help the suffering that is going on right now and I do mean suffering. If you like I would love to email you I labs. And stop saying to yourself that the lad must be contaminated and all the other excuses that came up because I made sure this was done right and done several times for I had let the lab know that it was going to the CDC

King County WA over 1 year ago

How to transplant rasberries now. In June

We are remodeling our driveway and about 30 plants need to be moved about 20 feet to get out of the way this june What are the best steps to take tp minimize loss I realize we should have done it in Feb or March Second question How long can dahlua bulbs survive out of ground . They have been in garage all winter and we still have not built raised beds they ate going into. Some are trying to sprout

WA about 2 years ago

Apple Production

A farmer has a 70 year old apple tree. What is the average number of bushels of apples can an apple tree produce? At what age does an average apple tree reach it's maximum production of apples? How long would it take for an average 10 year old tree apple tree to reach it's maximum fruit production.

King County WA over 2 years ago

black leaf

what causes black leaf disease?

Snohomish County WA about 4 years ago

Mushroom ID

Not so much a question as an offer to assist the CES with questions dealing with fungi. I can and am very willing to assist.


WA over 4 years ago

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