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Marek's Disease Vaccine: Yes? or, No?

I am waiting for an answer from the State, (VT) regarding the procedure to follow in a suspected (Marek's Disease) case of a 3 week old potentially infected Blue Silkie Chick. I Contacted my local Veterinarian's office and they too are waiting to hear from the state regarding protocol for handling such an event.

In further research, I have discovered articles and studies that claim to vaccinate chickens & turkeys against Marek's Disease may actually be more harmful than not vaccinating. Examples: PBS News Hour, ((July 27, 2015) Should I vaccinate?

In my area of VT, all of the grain/farm supply stores that sell chicks in the Spring from commercial hatcheries DO NOT have their chicks vaccinated against Marick's disease. I have ordered a single vial, (1,000 doses per vial) of Marek's Vaccine . from Meyer's Hatchery. Should I vaccinate my adult birds? I know the recommended age for vaccination is within the first 24 hours, but will the vaccine work for my older adult flock? It would be wonderful to have contact info. and procedure/protocol info. for reporting suspected poultry diseases, (and Livestock diseases,) within all of our state's Extension Service Departments. In addition, further resources such as closest diagnostic laboratories where necropsies can be performed to provide definitive results.

Penn State Extension has some good info. on Marek's Disease in chickens:

Addison County VT almost 2 years ago

Low-maintenance rain gardens on Lake Champlain

Hello, I live on Colchester Point Road. To allow our private paved road to drain runoff, ditching (a very shallow V) was performed for about 100 meters on the non-lake side of the road.The slope of the ditch/road is quite shallow. There is a big tree stump remaining in the middle of the ditch, which goes around it. The ditch drains the road and grassy slopes. There is a catch basin at the end, which drains into another basin under our driveway and then through a small culvert pretty directly to the lake, coming out about 120 feet away at the top of our stone wall above our beach. What could we plant in the ditch along that road that would absorb as much pollution/nitrogen/phosphorus as possible and still be low growing (not tall) and require little or no maintenance? The water comes out at a metal grill at the top of our wall (rock slope) above our beach. The stones range from enormous to small. What could we plant there on/among the rocks that would absorb additional nutrients and pollution from the culvert but not break up the rocks protecting our back yard? We are not opposed to tall grasses or bushes at that point on the wall. Again, low maintenance is a priority! A second question (separate from the ditch culvert): Should we plant something all along the edge of the rock slope or among the rocks to protect the lake anyway? We don't use chemicals or fertilizers for gardening, except for compost. Thanks! Note: On attached photo CULVERTEXIT, the culvert empties into a bowl of rocks at center Rt of photo. Sue

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Chittenden County VT over 5 years ago

acquiring rootstock for planting

Can i acquire rootstock from uvm extension for planting in my yard in Burlington?

Chittenden County VT about 8 years ago

How short should grass be cut

Our lawn is conservation mix. What is the best height to cut the grass in Spring, Summer and Fall? Thank you, Fred Hodgdon


Chittenden County VT over 4 years ago

How do I get rid of beetles in the house?

I live in a low income/handicapped apartment because I had a stroke. I live in Vermont. Since late October/early November, I’ve had beetles in the sinks, the bath, the floor, the windowsill. I hate it because I have this “fear” they’re going to land in my hair or in bed with me. What should I do to deter them from coming in? They show up, like, 3 times a week in different areas of the apartment . Thank you for helping.


Rutland County VT 3 months ago

To water or not to water??

Water not tested yet but it's a deep well and surely hard water. Losing battle acidifying water and watering by hand. Like to put in an irrigation system in a couple beds. Better to water with the hard water, or have plants get way to dry??? These are newly establishing plants. Will be transplanting these 12 bushes in the fall to better soil (peat/pine bark fines), so should be fairly acidic but how much would hard water drip irrigation raise or effect ph


Windsor County VT 6 months ago

Triple Washed

Good Morning!
My plastic tub of salad greens says "Triple Washed". Is this good enough, or do I also have to wash them?
Thank you!


Franklin County VT 7 months ago

Growths on blueberry plants

What are these growths and is there anything that should/can be done?


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Lamoille County VT 7 months ago

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