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A big thank you.

The info and links you sent in response to my question were of great help. Thank you, Steve

Lincoln County SD 3 months ago

Thanks !!

Not a question, just note of appreciation for your chestnut web info. I needed to remind myself re horse chestnut vs Ohio buckeye and you had exactly what was needed. Thanks!! Mark Wetmore Vermilion, SD

Clay County SD almost 3 years ago


what is the feed capacity of each part of a chickens digestive system.


Codington County SD 11 months ago

Freeze-Drying Food

Are there any Extension handouts or factsheets related to the new home freeze-dryers and food safety related to the use of this new equipment?


Todd County SD over 1 year ago


When I was getting these burs out of my horses mane I got a bunch of cockleburs in my hands and arms.!anyone have any ideas on how to get them out? They burn and hurt really bad and won't come out. I have been useint boil ease and they are coming out but it's taking forever and I cAnt get them all, some are deep in my skin.


SD almost 2 years ago

Hosted network

How can i hide my hosted network (nonbroadcasting) in windows 10 with command prompt


SD over 3 years ago

Ethernet sharing tab

In windows 10 when i open ethernet proprities sharing tab and i check the first check box then under neath that shod be a dropdown box but it isnt just a text box with the value wifi i can select it but i cant change it any sugestions


SD over 3 years ago

Weed I'd

What is this weed and how do I get rid of it


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Yankton County SD integrated pest management weed issues over 6 years ago

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