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why does my caterpillar fall asleep whenever i put her down?

why does my caterpillar fall asleep whenever i put her down?

Dorchester County South Carolina 6 months ago

No see ems or I’m not they followed me

You really can’t see them barely They move fast and almost translucent. The bite like The doctors just hit you with a needle. They swarm at dawn and sundown but I’m moving I’m in a apartment but it almost like they followed here . What do I do ? It’s no joke and getting worse

Greenville County South Carolina over 1 year ago

Trying to integrate a new ferret

So I have a 2 year old male, a 1 year old female and a new baby 10 week old male. Colin is the old guy rose is the girl. We've never had any problems with them fighting. They have been cage mates for about a year now and we just got a new baby Taz.
Taz, has gotten a long with Colin swimmingly, Colin is playful smart and dopey. Very chill guy. Rose on the other hand is more cunning, instinctual and more like an assassin. Keep in mind that Colin and rose play fine; However when Taz comes in the picture she will not leave him alone. She stalks him around the house, she's grabbed his scruff a few times and dragged him along the floor and when they "play" (which Taz is literally figuring out how to even war dance) she seams as if she's trying to hurt him. We keep them in seperate cages and she's constantly crawling on it. Taz, yells a lot when they're playing and hardly at all when it's Colin.
I know there is a strong possibility that she's trying to assert dominance but omg I don't want her to hurt him and I don't know how far is too far to let them play. Advice?? Album o is rose champagne is Colin chocolate is Taz.

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South Carolina over 1 year ago

Nature of "The Soil Web" Ingham

I plant a Fall & Winter cover crop of; mustard, kale, red clover and others.I am in the process of tilling these in at present.I till in very thoroughly which breaks down much of the green material.By April,here in South Carolina all material will be broken down for my Spring planting.
Listening to Dr Ingham; am I destroying the "Soil Web" with the through tilling?Have been doing this for many years and my soil normally needs nitrogen according to soil test. PS: Do aspirin, used as a foliar spray, cause tomatoes to boost their immune system to resist foliar disease?

Lexington County South Carolina over 3 years ago



Aiken County South Carolina about 5 years ago

I. Have land in Hartford , Trumbull Co. That I would like to rent. Appreciate...

I. Have land in Hartford , Trumbull Co. That I would like to rent. Appreciate your advice any help. Thank you. Agnes McDowell

Jasper County South Carolina over 6 years ago

Fungus differential identification

These are growing in mulch in my yard. Is it Mutinus caninus or Mutinus elegans? I understand neither are edible nor pathogenic.

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Lexington County South Carolina almost 7 years ago

mortality composting method

I have a mortality composter that is currently composting 10,000 lbs of hogs per week. I would like to talk to some one that would be interested in looking at this machine more closely


Union County South Carolina over 7 years ago

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