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Puerto Rico over 6 years ago

What kind of insect is this.

They fly during night. During the day they are not present. When I use the air conditioner they become more active. I thought they were bed bugs, but I examine very carefully my bed and not found any trace of them . They do not bite.

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Puerto Rico over 5 years ago

Buenas tardes, Por favor quería información sobre la Feria Artesanal en la...

Buenas tardes, Por favor quería información sobre la Feria Artesanal en la Plaza Pública de Barranquitas y en qué fechas se celebra. Muchas gracias por su atención

Puerto Rico over 6 years ago

Yucca infection

Hello, I have had a Yucca plant which was potted about a year ago on my front patio which has not been doing very well recently. A few months ago, I noticed that these grayish-white round bumps have been showing up all over the leaves of the plant in a spotted pattern. They seemed to have began from the bottom leaves and have now progressed to the middle and top ones as well. It is worth noting that the this same issue has spread to another different plant that I had potted on nearby. I have attached a photo that shows the overall appearance of this infection. I would like to know if you know what the infection is and how I could go about treating it. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. - Austin



Mayaguez County Puerto Rico over 6 years ago

From what animal is this bone from?

My veterinary found this bone stuck on my yorkie's esophagus. Do you know from what animal it is? Perhaps from a chicken? Thanks.


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Puerto Rico over 4 years ago

Bug chewing on young leaves

What do I do to prevent a bug to eat the young leaves of this perennial of species Guaiacum coulteri?


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Ponce County Puerto Rico over 4 years ago

APEX Application

Hi! I just wanted to know my application status for the Apex program for this summer. I already sent it out but I just want to make sure whoever recieves the information, received it. Also, I wanted to know if the recommender already sent his letter. Thank you!


Puerto Rico about 8 years ago

Type of Spider?

Found this in my room, I live in PR. In a 4th floor apartment, it entered through the window and when she knew I was aware it went out again. I want to know how dangerous it is, pics aren't clear but it has six legs and like two little legs in the front.


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San Juan County Puerto Rico about 5 years ago

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