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dead link, possible domain capture

on page http://extension.psu.edu/plants/plasticulture/technologies/plastic-mulches/summary-and-recommendations-for-the-use-of-mulch-color-in-vegetable-production you have an HREF to http://www.plasticulture.org which site and domain has been captured by a Japanese spam site. Traceroute and Whois confirmed. [I don't need a reply, this is simply to avoid having links that lead to dead ends or worse.]

Providence County RI almost 5 years ago

What type of mushroom

Just for basic knowledge would never eat


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Washington County RI over 1 year ago

A Pahrump Appropriate Home

I want a simple, modern beach style house with specific requirements. I need a surplus of hot water and completely unrestrictive environment. I just bought 2.5 acres near CA line. My son requires a 400 pound electric wheelchair and he is legally blind and so instead of room walls I want curtains on rails for privacy. My family lived 5 years in one of those awful new houses in Henderson when the kids were in school. Before that I retired as farmer from Rhode Island and I want to build appropriately in the desert and have a house for outdoor living. Any thoughts?


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Kent County RI about 7 years ago

Black/brown mushrooms with horrible stench

My front lawn which is green and healthy is covered with large head short stem mushroom. Lawn gets morning shade and afternoon sun. Tried anti fungal spray to no avail. The smell is stench like decaying animal. I appreciate any information


Kent County RI about 1 year ago

morning glory flowers

How do I get my morning glory plant to flower?


Newport County RI about 6 years ago

hollyhock seedlings

I have 1st year hollyhock seedlings, (no flowers) that have huge leaves, am I supposed to cut these in the fall before winter sets in?


Newport County RI over 4 years ago

Tree trunk damage

I have a Japanese Maple approximately 15 yrs old that I just discovered has some damage to the bark on its trunk. I would like to stop any further damage but I can't figure out what would cause this. Whatever happened it was very recent & the pieces of bark are on the ground beneath the tree. I hope you get the photos & any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Kent County RI over 4 years ago

Cover crops

While traveling through the farm country of southeastern Pennsylvania 2 weeks ago I noticed fields full of bright yellow stalks of a plant I can only assume is a crop cove as it is quite tall already indicating a fall planting an covers entire fields. It's a thin, stalky thing, about 23'' tall with a naked straw-like stiff stem for the first 13'' and the rest of the length having alternate leaf stems radiating unevenly around the main stem. At the end of each 5/8'' leaf stem is an upwardly-cupped, 1/4'' seed pod containing 6 brown, ovoid seeds. I sorted through many photos of cover crops but did not come across anything like it. Ever curious, I would be most grateful if you could identify this plant for me. I am enclosing 2 photos of a sample I brought home with me.


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Providence County RI over 4 years ago

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