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Edible Parts of Bean Plants

I just read an article about getting your greens from unusual places and it mentioned edible bean leaves. This, like other articles I’ve read over the years, uses somewhat non-specific language like “common beans” or, makes a general statement and then begins talking about one particular variety, like fava beans, or just starts talking about Asian cuisine. I have never been able to find firm, expert statements that “all” are edible or even, hardly, that a specific variety is okay to consume. I feel I’m walking through the dark, here. Can you direct me to a rule-in/rule-out list resource of the typical dry bean varieties we eat, here in the US, where the top leaves are consumable? Think the “15-bean soup varieties,” cheap staples on the shelf everywhere, locally. Pinto, black, black-eyed peas, navy, butter/fava, kidney, etc. I specifically would like to make pestos, to freeze fresh, or I want to cook up a pot southern collard-greens style. Cooking up a bean soup and throwing in chopped leaves, too, ...sounds...nutritious and delicious. Growing and harvesting young plants throughout the winter, using lights, sounds fun. My concerns are whether there are any toxins that require boiling and draining, etc. because, just as I find the vague pro statements, I also find vague “mildly toxic” statements. Thank you.

Mercer County Pennsylvania 7 months ago

Shriveling blueberries

My blue berry Bush looks healthy and has lots of unripened blueberries that look like they will develope into nice ripened berries, however when they do they shrivel and dry up and fall off at the slightest touch. I looked at the leaves and other than a few brown spots here and there they look healthy.

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Chester County Pennsylvania 9 months ago


UPDATE: The rainstorm broke it apart and there was nothing in there. Better safe than sorry. Thanks anyway.

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Westmoreland County Pennsylvania 10 months ago

Fig trees

Can I grow fig trees in Mountain Top, Pa. Will they withstand winters. Full or partial sun? Soil recommendations.

Luzerne County Pennsylvania 10 months ago

Azalea stems black

Last year I noticed a green fungus starting on outer stems of my azalea plants. Leaves and flowers were smaller than other branches without fungus. This year I noticed along with smaller leaves and flowers the stems have turned black. I don’t see any nymphs sucking along bark as I have on my holly bushes. Can these be saved? Can I treat with a horticultural oil like Neem?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania 11 months ago

moldy birdfood

How and where do I dispose of moldy bird food?

Berks County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Weed or grass?

Hello- this weed is taking over our lawn and did not die when weed killer was applied. Any idea what it is and how to get ride of it? Took over established grass and costing a ton of money in seed that is just going waste.

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York County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

Boxwoods dropping leaves on one side?

We’ve had these planted for about 5 years and all of a sudden in the past few weeks they’re losing all their leaves on only one side?? Pics are: fronts, close up of leaves dropped, close up of the back side of the worst of the three bushes.

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Chester County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

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