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transplanting raspberry plants

How soon after digging up raspberry plants in November should they be replanted in another area??? Hasn't snowed yet.

Lake County OR 2 months ago

Soup made with hot water bath, no acid added...

Tomato soup was made using the hot water bath, but we failed to look at other recipes which would show to add citric acid/ lemon juice etc....we have refrigerated the soup....can it be in the frig for a while and not hurt us when we eat it or gave some to friends?? Thank much Sally R

Yamhill County OR home food preservation food safety 2 months ago

Baking GF muffins

My pumpkin GF free muffins look different than when I bake at the Calif coast. How do so adjust my recipe or bake time

Deschutes County OR 3 months ago

how to get rid of yellowjackets without insecticides

Hi! You published in this week's Oregonian Homes and Gardens section that there is no good way to get rid of yellowjackets without pesticides- we found a way! I hope you can tell people about this idea, because it has worked very well for us and is a LOT cheaper than hiring someone to come spray toxins. You go out at night when the nest isn't active, and hang a spiral of fly paper directly above the nest entrance. When the yellowjackets come out in the morning, one or two will fly into the fly paper and get stuck. They emit alarm pheromones, which attract more yellow jackets to attack whatever might be threatening the nest. These new yellowjackets get stuck, send out more pheromones, and within a few days, most of the workers are stuck! This worked well for us with ground-nesting yellowjackets in our yard. -Christine Armer, Hillsboro

Washington County OR 4 months ago

identify this shrub

I will enclose a pic of leaf very similar to those on an unknown multi trunk shrub growing here in Eagle Creek 97022. I didn't plant it, but it IS growing where I did plant a witch hazel long dead now. It is growing really fast (prob over 5' just since spring), in a wet area in sun, and don't think I want to keep it. Could be invasive??? Help!!! Thank you! Sharon


Clackamas County OR plant identification 4 months ago

Follow up to Saturday article I’m the Oregonian - RE: yellow jackets

Regarding pesticide free treatment for yellow jackets, have you considered pouring boiling water down the nest hole (assuming that this is a ground nest)

Deschutes County OR yellow jackets 5 months ago

water testing

I made arrangements to have someone do water testing at our market (Brownsville Thursday market this week (thursday 3-6) and I can't find her name. Would you share? Gini Bramlett interim mkt mgr. 503-381-7333 rongini98@gmail.com

Linn County OR water testing and interpretation 6 months ago

round up

Is it a normal practice to use roundup on grain crops to time the harvest for consistancy and moisture content?

I realize this question should not have been asked in this forum. Sorry.

Clackamas County OR field crops herbicides glyphosate 6 months ago

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