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water testing

I made arrangements to have someone do water testing at our market (Brownsville Thursday market this week (thursday 3-6) and I can't find her name. Would you share? Gini Bramlett interim mkt mgr. 503-381-7333 rongini98@gmail.com

Linn County Oregon water testing and interpretation 13 days ago

round up

Is it a normal practice to use roundup on grain crops to time the harvest for consistancy and moisture content?

I realize this question should not have been asked in this forum. Sorry.

Clackamas County Oregon field crops herbicides glyphosate about 1 month ago

Plant name?

Do you what this plant is/what the name is?

20190710_113437_300x300%2523 20190710_113519_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon about 1 month ago

Using Trees to Capture Carbon

What are the best trees to grow in the foothills of the Willamette Valley to capture carbon? What are the best fruit trees for the same area?
Based on the recent research paper* that states that the cheapest
way to sequester carbon worldwide, will you and can you publish a paper/fact sheet,and other materials
that will show Oregonians top trees to plant based on area, and how many trees
we need to plant to achieve Oregon's share of the global need for reforestation? And, can you publish a paper with a plan for maximum sequestration in OR by newly planted trees? Further, if you do not have the resources to do these things, then will you ask other experts and the Governor for those resources?
Please give this your most concerted attention.

* https://science.sciencemag.org/content/365/6448/76

Lane County Oregon forestry climate change carbon sequestration climate forests woodlands about 1 month ago

Looking for an effective pesticide that won't harm plants

I used a household/garden insect spray on our garden flowers that were getting chewed up by insects. The spray contains Pyrithrins (0.02%) and Piperonyl Butoxide0.20%). Unfortunately, it also damaged the petals of the flowers, mostly pansies. I need an effective insecticide that won't damage flowers, please. Can you recommend one? I have used something (can't remember what) that touted being a safe insecticide and caused the insects to essentially blow up. Can you tell me what that might have been? It worked great. Thanks Mike Reding

Multnomah County Oregon about 1 month ago

Taeless racoons

There's a post asking if anyone knows 'why a lot of raccoons in North Bend, Oregon don't have tails" I worked as a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Coquille, Oregon for many years. I've rehabed numerous raccoons when injured or sick. My biggest concern was reading that you or your neighbor feeds raccoons & other wildlife. I need to inform you that racoons, skunks Ect.. all carry a deadly round worm named (Baylisascarisin) which you, kids & others can be infected & there's not a cure. Your pets from cats, dogs, horses Ect..may be infected. The worm is transferred thru the Fecal matter. When they defecate on your porch or in the feed for horses, sheep Ect. You can also be fined for feeding wildlife. Please Stop Feeding raccoons or other wildlife for yours & others health. Oh, if you have cat food or grain please store it in a tight lid container. Goodluck!

Coos County Oregon 2 months ago

squirrels in the attic

I live in an up stairs apartment with an attic in Lake Oswego. Squirrels are in the attic gnawing on the wood. I told the owner and they sent out a pest control company that caught four large squirrels in their traps. The problem is the squirrels are getting in through a roof vent which the squirrels have destroyed to get into the attic. The owner is aware of this problem but has not fixed the vent which is also leaking rain water into my laundry room thus the squirrel problem continues. This unhealthy and serious problem has been going on for quite some time now. It looks like mold where the rain water is leaking in my ceiling. What can I do? Is there a test I can get for mold? Also what can I do to get the owner to fix the leaking vent caused by the squirrels? Gary

Washington County Oregon 8 months ago

I'm curious what is causing these holes photo 4

I'm curious what is causing these holes photo 4


Multnomah County Oregon 9 months ago

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