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I rented a room in a home that has mold and I had major surgery on my lung, lost part of my lung, to remove the mold which was Aspergelis. The people that live in the home, rent it and are still living in the home and one of those people, is a man who is 64 years old and I was 65 and turned 66 while I lived there. My surgeon told me I had to of had that mold growing on my lung for 8 too 9 months and I lived in that house from April thru January. So what can they do to get help with the the mold cause the man that rents the house does not have the money to have the house inspected so what can he do.??? I'm taking about the man that rents the house.

Lane County Oregon 8 days ago

What kind of lawn grass is this?

I have this type of lawn grass (picture attachment) in my front and back lawn mixed with mostly local fescue and some rye and blue grasses. This unknown grass was already established in my lawn when I purchased the home and I never liked it. I've been overseeding with the other grasses for the past 6 years and this grass still continues to dominate. I don't know what it is but I want to get rid of it without damaging the other grasses in the lawn. Any ideas about what it is and how to get rid of it?


Lane County Oregon 13 days ago

Purple Tomatillas

I have a ton of these things. I'm wanting to water bath can them and/or salsa made from them. I have seen approved recipes using the green ones, but am not sure I can replace with the purple. Not sure theyre as acid as the green ones.

Clackamas County Oregon 14 days ago

Tomato canning question

Hello, I have an abundance of Carolina Gold slicing tomatoes. can I can large yellow/orange tomatoes together with my red tomatoes?

Linn County Oregon 17 days ago

Pruning clematis

Hello! Just wondering if it’s too early to prune my clematis to 6 inches above the ground? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Loni Reddy

Lane County Oregon 18 days ago

Food safe oxygen absorbers

I've purchase a large amount of white rice (Jasmin, Basmati) and put into quart canning jars with tight lids. I've been reading about oxygen absorbers and wonder which kind would be the best to use. Also, I've read that oxygen absorbers can kill any bugs that may be in rice, flour, etc. Is that true? Thank you!

Benton County Oregon 30 days ago


I submitted this question a few days ago and received a response. However, I cannot find the emails now. Anyway, We have gladiola that are not opening up. The stalks and buds look very healthy, but the blooms do not open up and they have strange markings on them--white lines, etc. I have planted gladiola in this same location for a number of years, and they were always just fine. Some bulbs are new this year and others are some that I have kept over the years. None of them are right. Is this likely a disease or could it be the soil? Other flowers and vegetables near them are doing well. I usually had lime every spring and I applied NH3 Nitrate along with compost from our lawn clippings, etc. I don't know how to submit pictures except as an attachment to an email. Thanks for your help

Benton County Oregon about 1 month ago

Insect identification

I want to be sure this is not a murder hornet


Multnomah County Oregon about 1 month ago

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