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Critter hole in ground cut tree roots.

We prize our 8-year old Japanese Cherry Tree in yard. It is flourishing, but last week we found one dead branch. Next to 6" dia. trunk we found a round hole 3" in diameter. I poured 30 gallons water (!) from hose into the hole without filling it, and put big rock over hole. Hole expanded as water went in. This is in good soil, well watered in lawn. We saw no other holes within yard, as might be typical of prairie dog, gopher, etc. No dirt mounded around hole by tree. No signs of life around hole during the following week. This week saw another dead branch above hole, probably critter had cut root. What might we have had? How to kill it if critter still exists. Strange. Help! Allan and Vercey Smyth, Prineville, OR. alsmyth63@gmail.com

Crook County Oregon 6 days ago

Editing to remove the question

Editing to remove the question. This was an accidental double-post.

Benton County Oregon 10 days ago

Dying branches in Juniper bushes

Last year you helped me with concerns I had with redwood trees on our property. They look great now. Thank you. My question now has to do with dying branches in our Juniper bushes. We had almost all of the dead cut out last year but the problem seems even worse this year. I thought the problem might be insects so I cut some small branches off and tapped them on a white paper and took pictures of the insects. The most insects came off of the branches that were turning lighter green, the dead branches didn’t have much show up. I’m attaching pictures. I zoomed in as close as I could but the insects are very small. If you think the insects are the problem I would like to know what spray to use and if it should be sprayed before or after cutting out the dead. I appreciate any guidance you can provide.
Best Regards,
Dennis Turkovich

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Linn County Oregon 14 days ago

Cherry tree leaf problem

My cherry tree has rolled leaves with no insects visible under them.


Yamhill County Oregon 20 days ago

Hydrangea problem

I’m sorry if you’re getting two of these. But I didn’t notice my first attempt going through. I have a long established hydrangeas. All of them are showing this problem. Limpy branches near the bottom and some leaves with spots on them. Photos are attached. Please tell me what I can do to solve this problem.

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Josephine County Oregon about 1 month ago


Please ID this plant located in Coos Bay. Need the proper name to find out how it behaves, then to decide if it should be encouraged or dug up. Thanks, Val Spear

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Coos County Oregon about 1 month ago

What kind of bee is this Port Orford Oregon

What kind of bee is this Port Orford Oregon


Oregon about 1 month ago

Bee identification port orford

These little guys show up every year in my forest about 3/4 mile from ocean I love em. What kind of bee is it


Oregon about 1 month ago

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