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Seed started citrus

I recently got some Organic Meyer Lemons from Trader Joes. They were excellent and had many seeds.
I have sprouted many. Will these grow into viable producing trees or will they be foliage only, unable to produce Lemons??? I am in Summerlin NW Las Vegas and citrus do very well indeed here!
Horst Yoder

Clark County Nevada 6 months ago

Winter Protection?

Hello! I asked a couple months ago about what to do with my newly acquired nectarine tree - your advice was very helpful and that tree is doing very well now. But now I have a question: I have a dwarf nectarine in a large plastic tub, and I have three blackberry plants (Prime Ark Traveler & Triple Crown) in 5 gallon plastic pots. What do I need to do to protect them this winter? I could move them into my unheated shed, or I could leave them outside (east side of my house) and cover them with straw. They are varieties that should be hardy to this zone, but I know the pots won't protect the roots as well as the ground would. Thank you for your time!

Pershing County Nevada 7 months ago

Self sown GC

What is this plant. It wasplanted by a bird or a squirrel I believe. In spring it has tiny deep yellow flowers that smell sweet. It Ran under my path and over to one of my container garden beds but it’s easy to pull up by the roots when it’s growing up out of the ground. I’ll try to send three pictures in one file but it hasn’t allowed me to do that so far thank you

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Washoe County Nevada 8 months ago

Brown spots-yellow leaves-lack of growth

I'm located in central Nevada at 6,500'. I have a lot of Siberian elm trees on my property, all planted within a few feet of each other to keep their size down. They are between 3-5 years old. In 2019, the leaves were getting brown spots on the edges, turning yellow and falling off. There was also limited growth since these trees tend to grow very fast. The same thing is happening this year. Soil is not the greatest and may be a bit compacted because the area used to be a dirt parking lot.

I thought it may be aphids so I did a drench in the spring and then put a sticky substance around the trunks to catch aphids. While I did catch some, the trees aren't getting any better. I've also noticed some wet spots emerging from the trunks. I ran some branches through my hands and did not collect any aphids or beetles.

I am at my wits end and don't want to lose these trees. Any help would be appreciated!

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Eureka County Nevada 8 months ago

Cedar Trees Dying

A gentleman has 2 rows of 4 cedar trees, 2 in one row next to each other have died, slowly over 2 years. Now more are turning brown from the top, down. The trees are given a grass fertilzer, once a year and flood irrigated with well water twice a week. The trees are not in the lawn and nothing has been sprayed around the trees. No weed and feed used on the lawn. The trees are 8-9 years old, transplanted 4 years ago and up until 2 years ago, doing fine.

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Elko County Nevada 8 months ago

Catawba tree

I have a catawga tree in a 15 gallon pot. The leave got black spots and are now turning red like fall color and falling. Is this a fungus ? I also have pomegranate trees that started yellowing. But they don’t have any black spots. Is that over watering ?

Nevada 8 months ago

No vegetables ?

I'm here visiting my mom in Pahrump NV. She's 85years old and normally a very successful gardener, but this year, not much is growing, even the flowers on her zucchini do not seem to be converting, is this lack of bees issue or is something else going on?

Nye County Nevada 8 months ago

Fungi or mushroom

I have a fungi or mushrooms growing on my lawn. I was wondering if you can help me.

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Clark County Nevada 9 months ago

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