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Landscape design plan

We just moved to a new home on 1.82 acres of land. We would like to take out some of the trees and add some trees of our own and design our landscape. The task seems daunting to me. I would like the changes that we make to beautify our property, but do not have experience or talent in this area or a whole lot of knowledge on this topic. Where would you suggest we start? Tree placement for example. I would like to place my trees in such a way that it adds beauty. What are some good resources? do you know anywhere I can submit my plans and get some feedback? Currently we have about maybe 1 acre of grass surrounded by Russian olive trees and elm trees.

Lincoln County Nevada about 1 month ago

Making sure bug killing doesn't hurt lizards/hummingbird

We have sowbugs. Until I can get rid of the mulch, what can I use to lessen the sowbug population w/o hurting our resident population of lizards(3 kinds), hums ( 2 kinds) and other birds My home is in the 1980's section of Green Valley

Clark County Nevada about 1 month ago

Palo Verde Dying

We have a full size Palo Verde in our yard that did not bloom out this spring as usual. Just the front half of the tree has yellow blossoms, while the rest of the branches vary from just greening up slightly to being brown. At the base of the trunk it is brown and blistering but only on the back side that faces a block wall. Our bug guy says it's probably a fungus as he had a similar issue with his tree. Can we save the tree?

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Nevada about 1 month ago

Unfolding new leaves

Hi, On my potato and tomato plants, when the new leaves are unfolding, they look like little balls first, then unfold. This doesn't look normal to me. They almost look like little worms curled up. I'm sending a picture. I hope you can see what I'm talking about. After the leaves uncurl they look normal. Is this the normal or do I have a problem? thank you so much. Claudia Brown


Lyon County Nevada almost 2 years ago

Testing for dangerous fungus or contaminates in imported plywood

I have been referred to you by the USDA. I have a close friend that has experienced sever reactions after working with the same wood product several times. His helper also suffered the same reactions initially, but eventually recovered. My friend continues to be treated for these symptoms by a variety of doctors, but no one has tested the wood veneer they worked with originally. I have a sample of this product and would like to have it tested to see if this could be causing his symptoms. I have been unable to find the correct agency or lab to do this. Thank you, Robert

Clark County Nevada about 2 years ago



Clark County Nevada about 2 years ago

soil testing

My friend bought a house (in Elko NV). The yard is bare dirt. We've talked about landscaping but I'm concerned the soil is very poor and it might have been treated with a sterilant (based on what the neighbors say). Where can I send a sample for fertility testing and for testing for the presents of sterilant?

Elko County Nevada almost 7 years ago

Need a source

G'day, i trust this finds you well. ok, um.. i have this tree (of course), and it's not yet blooming. this may be normal for this species. however, some very small branches (near the apical meristem) snap off, others 'bend.' so, i'm assuming that the benders are still alive, and the snappers are expired. however, i'm finding holes... they appear to be insect (beetle?) boring holes. it appears that these are located at the base of a major branch that includes those that 'snap' off. Q: can you recommend someone that can: (i) identify my tree, (ii) determine whether the holes represent a damaging insect, (iii) identify the bug, and, (iv) advise on the longevity of the tree. i would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. tree removal and a new lawn depend on it. tailwinds and following seas, God speed, be well, ~a.j.


Douglas County Nevada about 1 month ago

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