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Is this a carpet beetle

Is this a carpet beetle? We were given a fabric couch about a year ago, that had been in storage for years. After using the big pillows, that came with the couch, on our beds, we noticed an occasional bug lighting upon us in bed. I think they are becoming more frequent. We have no itching or bites. (I can try to take better photos if needed.)......

We have a son with asthma and hope to avoid chemical irritants. Also because of the asthma, we hope to avoid an exterminator into the home during this covid season.....

Side note, our vacuum has the plastic canister, not the kind with bags you can throw away

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Clark County NV 22 days ago

Other insect pests

What other insects should I look for to prevent damage to my apples and pears?

Lander County NV about 1 month ago

Unhealthy hops

Hello, The leaves of my hops are not happy. The plant itself is growing nicely and it’s sending off new shoots. But something is wrong, I’m not sure what it is, so I’m unsure how to treat it. It gets morning sun for a few hours shade mid-day and afternoon sun again. It’s on a drip system so there shouldn’t be any overhead watering. It’s next to our duck run (they tried munching it, not big fans) and it’s surrounded by cilantro and chives.


Washoe County NV about 1 month ago

New plants are infecting established plants

Landscaper rejuvenated front and backyard, placed over 20 assorted new plants that came from the same nursery, sod and new fill dirt for backyard retaining planter were also completed.
Work was completed 4/5/2020.
Somehow the new foliage came to me infected, then pests and disease have infiltrated existing plants.
I have 2 Citrus, 4 Tecomas, 1 rosemary and 2 roses all planted about 4' apart in a retaining wall area that runs 25'.
I have been using neem oil every 7-10 days, trimming off the bad foliage and still have issues.
The first sign was a Tecoma Sparkle Bell, it had red leaf rust as far as know and trimmed all the leaves off that were affected.
Within a few days the neighboring Tecoma Bells of Fire was showing the same signs and trimmed off the bad.
I sprayed everything that evening with neem, fully drenching ALL the plants on the property
. The next morning I saw on the stuccoed back wall, that multiple plants are against, strange empty insect sheddings, took pics and plucked them off.
After investigating, I found out they are Psyllids, not sure which plants they came from, they were behind all of the plants.
Besides those critters, the plants started having leaf curl, mold or fungus, leaf spot, leaf drop, little white spots and tiny white shavings, strange knots forming on some, just some weird stuff happening.
The ants love to visit and are very busy!

The nursery sent out a FREE corporate horticulture specialist and checked most of the plants. Gentleman said the issues seemed to be in control (ha), proceeded to tell me I should use systemic insect and disease solutions.
All the while he would stick assorted leaves in his pocket, possibly thinking I didn't notice.
When I told the landscaper about the issues the first time, all he did was nod his head and ignored. Second time he stated he would probably change nurseries for future jobs.

It's been a week since the visit from the horticulturalist, used neem once again, still have the same issues, the systemic being delivered today and even tho I spent the money on it, I don't really want to use it.
I would be trimming off every bloom everyday in hopes that the bees, hummingbirds, etc. won't come.
I have many pictures of the plants thru this whole ordeal.

Please help me decide.... Yank all the plants out or use the drench? Why is Clark County not under quarantine for Citrus Psyllid?

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Clark County NV 2 months ago

Tiny bug

What type of bug is this? I’ve found them on me out hiking in the woods as well as in my backyard. They are very tiny, two colors, six legs, two antennas, two eyes, and wings. I live in Reno and my most recent encounter in the woods was at Lake Davis in California.

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Washoe County NV 2 months ago

Landscape design plan

We just moved to a new home on 1.82 acres of land. We would like to take out some of the trees and add some trees of our own and design our landscape. The task seems daunting to me. I would like the changes that we make to beautify our property, but do not have experience or talent in this area or a whole lot of knowledge on this topic. Where would you suggest we start? Tree placement for example. I would like to place my trees in such a way that it adds beauty. What are some good resources? do you know anywhere I can submit my plans and get some feedback? Currently we have about maybe 1 acre of grass surrounded by Russian olive trees and elm trees.

Lincoln County NV 3 months ago

Making sure bug killing doesn't hurt lizards/hummingbird

We have sowbugs. Until I can get rid of the mulch, what can I use to lessen the sowbug population w/o hurting our resident population of lizards(3 kinds), hums ( 2 kinds) and other birds My home is in the 1980's section of Green Valley

Clark County NV 3 months ago

Palo Verde Dying

We have a full size Palo Verde in our yard that did not bloom out this spring as usual. Just the front half of the tree has yellow blossoms, while the rest of the branches vary from just greening up slightly to being brown. At the base of the trunk it is brown and blistering but only on the back side that faces a block wall. Our bug guy says it's probably a fungus as he had a similar issue with his tree. Can we save the tree?

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NV 4 months ago

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