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swampy soil smell

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have a house with a sunken shower that has been leaking under the concrete slab for many years. I have broken out and removed the concrete slab around this area and removed about 4' of dirt. I have let it dry out and I cannot get rid of the smell inside the house. Is there a possibility that the smell has penetrated the walls and insulation also? I cannot sell or rent this house out until I correct the problem. I took soil samples and mold was found in the soil... Please any guidance would be appreciated.

Bernalillo County NM 9 months ago

It has vertebrae!

What plant is this?

Figured it out, Black henbane!

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Taos County NM over 3 years ago

bouillon recipe or mix

I cannot eat wheat of soy products. Is there a recipe to prepare bouillon using
basic ingredients? I am allergic and cannot eat purchased bouillon. Thanks, Helen Flesner

Bernalillo County NM food preparation food allergy about 7 years ago

Unusual rock/mineral formation

Hello, I recently found a very unusual rock and was wondering if anybody had any idea what it is?!


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NM about 1 year ago

Can I get financing to replace my septic system?

I need to replace my septic system that was originally installed in 1977. Where can I get a loan or a grant?


San Juan County NM about 2 years ago


If a cottonwood tree has slim flux will the saplings also have the disease?


Otero County NM almost 3 years ago

Requesting guidance regarding swimming lessons for children under 4 years of age


I'm aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics recently changed its guidelines to allow parents/other caretakers to allow children under 4 years of age to swim, based on 2 studies, as long as the parent is within touch supervision.

The AAP's policy statement is from a part of the AAP radio series "A Minute for Kids on "Swimming Programs for Infants and Toddlers" states: "Children are not ready for formal swimming lessons until after their fourth birthday. That's because they cannot voluntarily hold their breath for significant amounts of time until that age".

However, it is not clear to me if the AAP is now refuting the above stated fact, because it is NOT addressed in their REVISED GUIDELINES.

How do I provide interpretation of the new policy to parents? I'm a home visitor and this is confusing.


NM almost 3 years ago

rabbitbrush look alike?

Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of attempting to ID what looks like rabbit-brush but has larger ovate leaves not the oblong leaves that are one of the defining characteristics of the Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus. Do you have any suggestions as to what this look alike is?

Thank you,

Benina Cerno


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Bernalillo County NM plant identification about 3 years ago

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