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Pinon Pine Pitch Mass Borer

I have 6 pinon pine all which have various levels of attack with pitch mass borer; one is much worse than the others. My neighbor recommended "Viper" by Martin's - it is a cypermethrin. They have used it for past 3 years with some success. My question is: 1) is this OK to use, 2) what are best times of year and 3) frequency, 4) amount of spraying.

This weekend, I tried to scrape the sap away and find a bore hole and stick a sharp object into it. Today I sprayed the trunks of the trees and branches. I live at 6500" in Albuquerque, NM.

Bernalillo County New Mexico about 1 month ago

What is this bug?

So I live in New Mexico but the page said that that group wasn't accepting questions. I was helping my grandmother-in-law clean and we discovered these small brownish beetle looking bugs in the kitchen. She has a mobile home and it has a "bar" in the kitchen that also servers as cabinet space and that's where they are primarily located. It seems like they are between the wood panels, at first I thought they were a type of grain weevil but they just don't look the same. They look like a beetle but I haven't seen anything like this before. They are pretty small and vary in size, the one in the picture is one of the bigger ones. I cleaned the cabinets and sprayed Raid Bug Barrier, its seems to be working but I would still really like to know what I'm dealing with.

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Taos County New Mexico about 1 month ago

Cytospora canker

Does cytospora fungal live in soil? Thus do I have to remove old soil when replanting trees who have died from cytospora infection?

Santa Fe County New Mexico about 1 month ago

swampy soil smell

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have a house with a sunken shower that has been leaking under the concrete slab for many years. I have broken out and removed the concrete slab around this area and removed about 4' of dirt. I have let it dry out and I cannot get rid of the smell inside the house. Is there a possibility that the smell has penetrated the walls and insulation also? I cannot sell or rent this house out until I correct the problem. I took soil samples and mold was found in the soil... Please any guidance would be appreciated.

Bernalillo County New Mexico about 1 year ago

It has vertebrae!

What plant is this?

Figured it out, Black henbane!

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Taos County New Mexico almost 4 years ago

bouillon recipe or mix

I cannot eat wheat of soy products. Is there a recipe to prepare bouillon using
basic ingredients? I am allergic and cannot eat purchased bouillon. Thanks, Helen Flesner

Bernalillo County New Mexico over 7 years ago

ponderosa pine...

A nice young ponderosa pine was overly pruned, IMHO, and the amount of sap leaking from the
cuts is awful. The lower branch now is drying out with most needles turning brown.
It seems all the trees sap is leaking from all these cuts on this 20ft-25ft tree.

This is so sad. Thanks.


New Mexico 24 days ago

Unusual rock/mineral formation

Hello, I recently found a very unusual rock and was wondering if anybody had any idea what it is?!


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New Mexico over 1 year ago

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