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More pics of the "weird" split in a tree

More pics

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Burlington County New Jersey 5 months ago

Bad Vets

Why do you vets always talk down to people with valid questions! Stop answering like you know everything and focus on helping these people! You need to get re-educated! Bird mites can and do live off their normal hosts and can reproduce and survive! If you know what kills them then answer these people!

Burlington County New Jersey 8 months ago

Bugs on my deck

I suddenly saw so many of these little bugs on my deck, i tried spraying Home defense, but they just vanished inside the wooden deck cracks. What are these insects, and do they cause any harm to humans or my deck?

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Somerset County New Jersey over 1 year ago

fruit disappeared

I planted a young self-pollinating tree a couple of years ago. This year many new fruits appeared in late May/early June. The fruit grew to about 2 inches in length and began to turn orange/red. Now (June 23) I notice that almost all of the fruit is gone...not on the ground, just gone. Any idea what may have happened?

Morris County New Jersey over 1 year ago

Dead leaves and cobwebs in apple tree

I’ve had several branches of branches of my apple tree covered in cobwebs and then the leaves die off. I’ve included photos as example. Can you tell me what’s causing this and how to treat it? Thank you.

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Camden County New Jersey over 1 year ago

pH meters

Any recommendations for pH meters for home gardeners. willing to pay

Burlington County New Jersey over 1 year ago

Request for training

Hello I need a copy of new staff training

Camden County New Jersey over 4 years ago

Getting burnt cooking oil off aluminum cookie sheet.

My son used cooking oil on one of my cookie sheet pan to roast something and it is now badly stained. What's the best way to get this off. I like my cookie sheet pan is aluminum and this is now a dark brown baked on mess. Help.

Camden County New Jersey about 5 years ago

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