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just wondering what this is

I just moved into a house with 8 gardens. Through this app I have been able to figure out such of what I have and how to care for it. (I have never gardened before) I am just wondering what this is. Then I can figure it out from there lol

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Rockingham County NH about 5 years ago

This is a test.

It is only a test

Rockingham County NH about 3 years ago

Japanese Umbrella Pine turning brown in some sections and deteriorating accordingly!

Hello, I have recently purchased 2 (winter green) Japanese Umbrella Pine trees that started turning dark brown on some portions or the tree (3-gallon containers) before I even had them planted! Once planted, they appear to have deteriorated further with most of the tree now looking brown with some sections still green!
I planted with acidic pellets to help give the soil a more acidic quality, which I know they do well in.
I water routinely as they were recently planted this Spring.
Any suggestions as to what I am missing would be greatly appreciated as they are prized trees if they live!

Hillsborough County NH over 4 years ago

black metlic rock

I have a black metlic rock that I found in my yard and can't figure out what kind of rock and what's it value?



Hillsborough County NH over 1 year ago

dropped leaves from aloe plant

it seemed that there was no center to the plant all the leaves just fell on to the table but is there a way that you can store the leaves or remove the juice for future use ? the leaves are limp


Rockingham County NH over 5 years ago

What plant is this?

Trying to find out what plant I have growing here.



Merrimack County NH over 4 years ago


Laid sod 3 weeks ago and now have mushrooms sprouting up all over, how should I treat this and should I be concerned?


Sullivan County NH about 4 years ago

Spear shaped hanging white sap

This plant grows slowly has deeper green spear shaped leaves and bleeds white milk when cur or injured


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Rockingham County NH about 4 years ago

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