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Haralson Apple Tree

We have a large Apple tree which has been a healthy, good producer. I prune it every year or two. Last year 3 or four medium branches died back near the trunk. This year many more and larger branches are dying near the ends and we had very few apples (less than 1% of normal). There are a lot of new branches near the core of the tree with more leaves than normal. Should I prune the dead wood back toward the core of the tree? If so, should I wait for winter or proceed now?

Montana about 5 years ago

Grasshopper damage to blue spruce

Grasshoppers have stripped 10-15 of my ~25 ft. tall colorado blue spruce trees and all of the caragana trees planted in a shelterbelt. Is there anything that can be done to save them?


Golden Valley County Montana 10 days ago

fire blight

Is it best to cut out blight and do you spray for it in spring


Flathead County Montana 11 days ago

Supplemental feed

Hi, We have six sheep (two older rams and four older ewes) on four acres rolling topography that consists mostly of brome grass. About 3/4 of the property was cut in late July to reduce fire danger and manage weeds, although there really aren't many weeds on the property. I'm trying to gauge how much hay to feed them during the winter. I was figuring a flake of low-protein grass hay per sheep per day from October - May (or until the grass starts to green up in the spring) - but I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks!


Gallatin County Montana 12 days ago

Seeding clover and bluegrass when irrigation is shut down

We recently moved to a new property where the hay fields have been neglected. We planned to seed bluegrass and white clover to give the fields a boost and make the future pastures more viable. However, our irrigation, like many, is already off for the summer. Should we still seed?



Ravalli County Montana 16 days ago

Get rid of a laurel hedge

We have recently purchased a home with a large laurel hedge on the property line between our property and the neighbor. The laurel has not been maintained and has grown very tall. We are in agreement with the neighbor to cut them down and get rid of them. We are cutting the tops down as a first step to get them under control. How do we keep them from grown back as we cut them down.


Tillamook County Montana 27 days ago

Poplar leaf spots

Can anyone tell me from these two photos what might be infecting these brooks poplar leaves and what I might do about it?



Madison County Montana 28 days ago

Which bird built this nest?

Wondering which type of bird built this nest spotted in Montana? Thank you!



Montana about 1 month ago

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