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How to Construct a Sturdy, All Wood Mason Bee House (Posted: April 18, 2011)

If I line my drilled holes with parchment paper, could I remove the paper chambers from a removable back and store them in a below 50 degree area in mid march? After storing them for about one month, could these parchment champers be put in a single drilled hole shoe box outside in 50 or above temp or when fruit trees are about to bloom. This would allow me to clean bee house and get rid of some of the mites. Thanks, Billy W Anthony

Lowndes County Mississippi over 5 years ago

Nickel size holes in my yard

I have numerous small holes in my front and back yard. There are no mounds or tunnels around these holes. I don't know what is making these holes but they look like the pictures above. What can I do to fix this problem?

DeSoto County Mississippi 10 months ago

Magnolia yellow leaves with brown spots

Early September with limited rain the past month. Magnolia leaves started getting brown/blacks spots, then turned from yellow to brown and fell off. Should I be concerned?

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Jackson County Mississippi over 5 years ago

Extension Curriculum

what are the better curriculums in the CRD program area? Topics covering leadership, business/non-profit development, etc.

Claiborne County Mississippi almost 6 years ago

Personal and Respite Care

i wanted to know if any branch of the military paid for respite and personal care services and if so how do i get family member signed up


Lowndes County Mississippi over 2 years ago

weeping willow

I love on Mississippi Gulf Coast...I have a 3 to 4 year old weeping willow tree that has done fine through all weathers....yesterday it was green this morning it is brown...help


Hancock County Mississippi almost 6 years ago

yellow fungus

I so wished I had taken a pic of this, but didn't. it looked like coral reef but it also looked like spray insulation from a can, sponge-like. anyway, I pressured it off with water and sprayed it with a fungus killer, this thing came on overnight, it was not there yesterday. my flower beds are so pretty, I don't know what happened.


Lauderdale County Mississippi almost 4 years ago


Are there any current county needs assessments within this network?


Claiborne County Mississippi almost 6 years ago

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