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Dying wisteria?

Can you help me determine if my wisteria shrubs are dead or dying? This year there are few leaves, than usual are some branches are brittle

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Dakota County Minnesota 5 days ago

Why promote RoundUp?

I was appalled to read an expert's response that included the use of RoundUp. Do your research. Just because the product is still sold in stores doesn't mean it is safe. Gardening must include respect for our natural world, our Earth. RoundUp is an incredibly dangerous product, for humans, beasts, and beneficial and necessary insects. You don't have to poo-poo RoundUp, just avoid writing about it.

Minnesota 7 days ago

bush problem

Can you tell me about what is my problem with the bush,it looks like a disease ? Looks like some thing is eating it too.

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Hennepin County Minnesota 7 days ago

about Hostas

I was wondering if you take the flowers off will that prevent them from getting any bigger. thank you bonnie

Carlton County Minnesota 17 days ago

Fall corn gluten application

I applied corn gluten in the spring as a crab grass prevention. I understand this will take a few years. I understand it is to be applied in August and October. When in August and October? Should the soil be a certain temperature when this is done? We live in St. Paul. Also, in another area, where corn gluten will not be applied, we will be seeding the lawn. When should this be done in St. Paul? Thanks. Cathay Hoven

Ramsey County Minnesota 21 days ago

Grotrax grass seed blanket product

Is this product, available on line and at big box stores, useful for growing grass in areas where it has been hard to grow grass? Is it too late in the year to try it? If we purchase some now would it be good to use next spring if we didn’t put it down yet this year?

Hennepin County Minnesota 26 days ago

Oak wilt

My parents have an acre of land and about half of it is filled with mature oaks that despite their efforts to save, have all become infected with oak wilt. What options are there for disposing of all that wood? Thank you Lisa

Anoka County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Grapes have a blight

Our grape clusters have grapes that are turning brown and molding. Possibly black rot but grapes aren't shriveling. We've been cutting them off and disposing of the diseased ones. How do we prevent or get control of what's happening? We are using a copper sulfate fungicide but didn't start at blossom time. Help please. We don't want to lose the whole crop. Thanks.

Anoka County Minnesota grape diseases grape vines plant disease about 1 month ago

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