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Tree I.D.

What is the name of the conifer that has a uniform conical, and airy shape who's needles turn a yellow/green color in the winter.

Macomb County MI 18 days ago

Orchards for sale in Oakland county

Hello, I'm a resident in Wixom, and an MSU alum. I wanted to spread the word about 2 established orchards for sale in the area. Both are extremely popular and busy. The locals love them both and really don't want them to be demolished into another subdivision. Families go to Erwin's all summer and Fall for Berry picking/ apple picking. Long's seems to be Fall apples only. Long's is located in Commerce, and Erwin's is in South Lyon. I hope that this post will help spread the word about this opportunity, and possibly save the orchards.

Oakland County MI fruit trees apple trees apples about 1 month ago

Help with presumed fungal disease on a Hinoki Cypress

Folks, I would like to identify an arborist who could help with diagnosis and treatment of a tree in a residential section of Ann Arbor. It may be blight but in addition there are some non-canker growths on the trunk. I am a scientist but tree diseases are more than a bit outside my expertise... Thanks! Richard

Washtenaw County MI hinoki cypress about 1 month ago

Tree growing out of the of side of another tree

Hello! We have a tree that is growing out of the truck part of another tree. Completely different bark, completely different leaves. So far, anyone that has seen this is baffled. Does anyone have any ideas? Hoping we could save the ‘base’ tree. I can email pictures - site isn’t allowing me to upload pictures

Oakland County MI 2 months ago

Woodpecker damage

How can I prevent woodpecker damage in cedar siding?

Ottawa County MI woodpeckers woodpecker damage 2 months ago

Maple tree ptoblem

We have several mature maples that have leaves drying up and turning brown Any ideas?

Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Oakland County MI maple trees 2 months ago

LDA 4:1 ratio

I am considering a split of my 54 acre parcel. My assessor states that because the parent parcel measures 662' road frontage by 2632' deep, there is insufficient road frontage to meet the 4:1 requirement.
Does the required ratio refer to the PARENT parcel or the split parcels?
It seems to me that my parent parcel meets the requirements, just barely, and the splits I am considering certainly will.
So far this the only objection he has set forth.

Midland County MI land use 2 months ago


I have white-ish blobs growing in my yard. I dig them out (see photos below), yet they grow back. HELP! These are just a portion of what I dug up this evening. What is it and how do I get rid of it?


Muskegon County MI 3 months ago

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