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Neem oil spray for roses in a vegetable garden

I have a raised bed vegetable garden and one box I have given to my neighbor who wanted to grow roses because he’s in a wheelchair it’s easier accessible in a raised bed it has bugs on the roses and we wanted to use the name oil organic pesticide spray but I was concerned about having the spray in advertently hit the growing vegetables is there a danger with that spray affecting my vegetable garden?

Muskegon County Michigan 4 days ago

Nishiki willow borings

We have a recently planted Nishiki Willow and it appears something is boring into it. Is there anything we can do? Please see attached photos.

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Washtenaw County Michigan 6 days ago

weed in rye field

It popped up in his rye field and has taken over. I am at a loss...any ideas on what it might be? Thank You, Shannon McKimmy Ag Services, LLC 1925 Nickless Rd. Gladwin, MI 48624 989-426-1816

Gladwin County Michigan 7 days ago

Evergreen problem

Please tell me what is happening with this tree. I think it is a spruce. Wondering if it can be saved?

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Oakland County Michigan 9 days ago

What is making the holes in my tree

Have 40 acres in Missaukee County Michigan. Just noticed these large holes in a live pine tree on my property. Is this from a Pileated woodpecker? Lots of ships at the base of the tree. How do I rid of them, don't want to loose anymore trees!


Missaukee County Michigan 13 days ago

Selling standing grass hay near Jackson, MI

We have about 20 acres of standing hay to sell. We are looking for a farmer who would be willing to harvest this hay.

Jackson County Michigan selling hay 19 days ago

Damage to pear tree leaves after spraying

I sprayed my 14 tree orchard with pure neem, fish emulsion and some Dawn dish soap. Now my pears have damaged leaves. One has dry wilted leaves and the other two have black spots. I think I may have added too much detergent. The apples, cherries, peaches and plums are all ok. What can I do to prevent loss of the one tree? Will they be able to grow new leaves? My orchard is 3-4 years old. Two of the pears are standard (of which one is the most damaged) and the other is dwarf. Thanks so much for your assistance!

Emmet County Michigan 21 days ago

wild oyster mushrooms

i have photos of oyster mushrooms i found in montcalm county mi. who could i send photos to to identify.

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Montcalm County Michigan 24 days ago

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