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MSU SciComm looking for MSU Science Communicators

Hello, How are you? MSU SciComm is an organization that started this Spring 2019. This organization wants to encourage a greater understanding of science and scientific methods, and give students the skills to communicate a deeper insight into concerns related to science. Our organization intends to break down communication barriers between academia and the outside world, as well as between disciplines. We also intend to explore the realms of science meeting with other disciplines within professional development such as Science Art, Science Policy, Science Education, Science Outreach, Science Advocacy, and Science Journalism. MSU SciComm could use your help in finding more resources and people interested in science communication. We recently received a grant from the Art Lab to host a science-art event but we are also looking for people across campus who practice science communication. We would greatly appreciate it if you can help us find people interested in science communication and who practice it. Thank you

Ingham County MI 19 days ago

Loon nesting

Would loons nest on an island on Higgins Lake Michigan

Roscommon County MI 2 months ago

how to care for my holly

This might be a duplicate question-I submitted but am getting a message that "body can't be blank" I have 4 holly bushes that I generally spray with Wiltpruf in mid Nov and then wrap to protect them from windburn during the winter months. Due to early snowfall, I did not get them wrapped yet and it doesn't appear that the snow is going to be melting anytime soon. I am wondering what I can do at this point to minimize damage to the bushes; should I just leave them alone or should I try to knock/blow off as much snow as possible and wrap them? I don't think I can apply the Wiltpruf at this point due to cold temps and I suspect there will be some remaining snow on the leaves even if I blow snow off Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Crawford County MI 3 months ago

apple tree trunk bark peeling

could y’all please help us identify any known cause for this bark peeling/splitting on our apple trees?

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Oakland County MI apple trees 4 months ago


Some years ago we attended a series of lectures by MSU extension about nutrition and diet and found it very helpful. We are trying to contact a nutritionist in our area (Kent Country) is NOT affiliated with any products. It seems some Nutitionists always try and sell you their brand of vitamins, minerals and other materials. That is not what we are seeking - only good solid nutritional knowledge. Can you recommend someone?

Kent County MI nutrition 4 months ago

Turf Grass Winter Height


I have heard mixed reviews regarding home turf height for the final cut, before winter. Last year I seemed to get a few bad snow mold or dead-spots. More than I can remember from before. I normally cut at 3 - 31/4" during the entire season, but was wondering how low should I cut for my finale winter mowing?

Any other tips / recommendations I need to know about?

Kent County MI 4 months ago

Symphyotrichum lanceolatum?

Is this wildflower Symphyotrichum lanceolatum?

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Oakland County MI 4 months ago


Found on bed.do you know what it is?

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Muskegon County MI 5 months ago

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