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New law on helping birds?

I rescued 2 Blue Jays that were definitely abandoned. One died. The other lived and remained friendly..bomb-diving cookouts and sitting on heavy equipment operator's shoulders while they worked. The whole town knew of the bird. The local vet told me his to care for it. I kept it in a screened-in porch at night. One bird survived and it enhanced my and the neighborhood's closeness & spirits. To do something good, or attempt to, is the best of humanity. If that's ILLEGAL that's SAD. A little cat food, a little mashed worms and a tiny bit of peanut butter. Loose consistency. Use an eye dropper. Call Taft's for how often...I'm sure the babies will let you know loud & clear. I wish you could have told her something like, "While it's illegal I can tell you what/hoe the wild life sanctuary will care for them. At least let her try. It probably would have been a memory she could always smile back on. Outlawing good intentions > Not a good philosophy.

Massachusetts almost 2 years ago

Iowa Bee Rule

I read that in this rule the pesticide applicators are allowed to spray before 8am in the morning and after 6pm in the evening. Pollinators are out as soon as the sun is up and the temperature is warm enough to fly 50 degrees. If this rule is really trying to protect bees then it should be more restrictive to protect the bees. Applicators should stop spraying pesticides 1 hour before sunrise and resume spraying 1 hour after sunset. This would better protect honeybees.

Essex County Massachusetts over 5 years ago

Watering plants and shrubs

Is it detrimental to the plant to get water on the leaves when watering? Is it a myth that water will burn the leaves?

Norfolk County Massachusetts almost 6 years ago

Failing Fuchsias

Each May for the last thirty years, I have purchased two quite large, hanging fuschias as a birthday present for my wife.
Over that time, I've become reasonably skilled at caring for them, and have often kept them in bloom well into October, and even into November, when our Boston weather is unusually mild.
I fertilize them regularly, try to not either overwater or underwater them, and use a systemic to prevent white flies from attacking them. They are hung from our front porch, which has a western exposure and little direct sun until late in the afternoon. On the few ninety degree days we have had this summer, I brought the plants into our house, although there have been other days, in the eighties, when I left them outside.
This year, the fuschias were doing beautifully, showing much leaf growth and many, many new blossoms. Then, about three weeks ago, a few inner leaves began to yellow and fall off. Then more and more yellowed and fell. Then the leaves on the branches began to droop, dry out and fall, first from within the plant and then all over.Since I had read somewhere that this condition can mean that the plants are in need of magnesium, I watered them with an epsom salt solution.. Sadly, nothing has helped and it's clear that our much loved fuchsias are not long for this world.

Anyone have any ideas about what might have gone wrong with these once lovely plants?

Norfolk County Massachusetts over 6 years ago

Double Layer Greenhouse

I want to build a double layer greenhouse for year round usage, I live in MA and gets pretty cold in the winter. I have 2 simple questions: 1. I have seen the blower set up in contradicting ways, first I watched a grower set it up so the intake was inside the greenhouse at one end, with the exhaust pointing back into the greenhouse at the other, but I have also read that the intake must take in air from outside the greenhouse... Not sure which is the best method or the appropriate method. But one thing does concern me, during the night when the sun is down and its freezing cold, why would you want this cold air getting in between the plastic? 2. I love this double layer set up for winter usage, but what about during the summer when it gets hot? Is this still acceptable or does it need to come down?


Bristol County Massachusetts 7 months ago

Spider movement

Hello, Is there a studied reason as to why spiders either move in rapid bursts or in that “spider stereotypical” Slow methodical way? Is it as simple as hunting mechanics or is there more to it?


Massachusetts 7 months ago

Can I buy a house

I help to move my brother from Puerto Rico because of Maria devastation, he own a home there finance by farmers home, he's not planning to go there for the moment, can he buy another house and not be in any kind of problems?


Hampden County Massachusetts over 3 years ago

for a latinist:

I need "Saint George, protect us from giant lizards" in decent, but could be medieval, Latin. Or, protect me against etc etc. Will "Sancti Georgii, defende nos contra gigas lacertae" do?


Middlesex County Massachusetts over 4 years ago

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