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Black to translucent green rock

I have a friend who has found a small black rock that looked like it may have been coal. He sat the rock onto his flashlight and it turns bright green. We have been trying to find out what it is and haven't found any description that describes it exact. So I'm hoping you might be able to help.

Thank you



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Cowley County Kansas over 1 year ago

no spark on my mower

i have a small mid engine craftsman mower. It originally had a 11hp briggs and Stratton motor on it, until i blew it. So i had a extra 17hp v-twin briggs and Stratton motor that I put in it. it would start with starter fluid but die because I didn't have the fuel shut off switch on it. But i put a switch on to and i accidentally hooked up the coil shut off wire up to the battery and it was smoking, so i hurried up and unhooked it. so i replaced it and now i have no spark. i just want to know if i need a coil shut off switch or not. and what the spark problem is?


Sedgwick County Kansas almost 5 years ago

Artificial Gravity

Why has Werner Von Braun's space station concept or at least a scaled-down version of it never been implemented for long term orbital missions by humans?



Sedgwick County Kansas over 5 years ago

Clematis stops growing

My clematis gets about 2 ft tall then just stops!! I planted a day Lilly near it to shade the roots, it is in lots of sun. Beautiful blooms and leaves, but just won’t get any taller. Help please


Saline County Kansas 18 days ago

Girdled Ash tree

Over the course of eight or so years this tree is producing fewer and fewer leaves and also developing this bump all around is base. I understand it may be girdled. What can I do about this?


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Shawnee County Kansas about 1 month ago

What is this?

The first picture shows what happened to my oak last year. It went crazy pushing leaves out of the top. Eventually it sent out another branch that started growing up. Now with the heavy rains it got top heavy and bent over. Finally I have tied to fence post for support. What caused the leaf explosion out of the shoot last year and what can else might i do to save the tree? Is it worth saving? It was a seedling that sprouted in the yard about 3 years ago. Thanks


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Saline County Kansas about 1 month ago

Loss of appetite

My hens completely refused to eat feed and water. It has no any disease. Even if, it has disease, medicines should be given via water. But how can I give medicines if it has disease or if not, how to make it drinking water and feed.


Kansas about 1 month ago

Brown tips on spirea

I just planted a new spirea plant a few days ago. It looked good when I planted it but today I noticed the tips on almost all of leaves are turning brown. I am enclosing a picture.



Ellis County Kansas about 1 month ago

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