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Black to translucent green rock

I have a friend who has found a small black rock that looked like it may have been coal. He sat the rock onto his flashlight and it turns bright green. We have been trying to find out what it is and haven't found any description that describes it exact. So I'm hoping you might be able to help.

Thank you



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Cowley County Kansas 3 months ago

no spark on my mower

i have a small mid engine craftsman mower. It originally had a 11hp briggs and Stratton motor on it, until i blew it. So i had a extra 17hp v-twin briggs and Stratton motor that I put in it. it would start with starter fluid but die because I didn't have the fuel shut off switch on it. But i put a switch on to and i accidentally hooked up the coil shut off wire up to the battery and it was smoking, so i hurried up and unhooked it. so i replaced it and now i have no spark. i just want to know if i need a coil shut off switch or not. and what the spark problem is?


Sedgwick County Kansas mechanical almost 4 years ago

Artificial Gravity

Why has Werner Von Braun's space station concept or at least a scaled-down version of it never been implemented for long term orbital missions by humans?



Sedgwick County Kansas science over 4 years ago

Garter snake infection?

Just found a garter snake today and it seems to have an infecting or injury. Please tell me what it is and how it can be solved


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Nemaha County Kansas snake injury 1 day ago

Hollyhocks changed color.

I had deep purple hollyhocks. There were no other colored hollyhocks in our area. For years they were deep purple. Replanted seeds across the road at my mother ‘s place. They were purple for a couple of years then started changing colors. Frist pinks, then only white now most of them are yellow. No pinks , purple or anything in between. Almost all yellow. What’s happening here?


Kansas 14 days ago

Mock Orange Insect

Bush looks healthy but has a black/bright green insect that flies. What kind of bug is this so I know how to treat it?



Kingman County Kansas 26 days ago

DRP Webinar from May 17

Good morning. I was curious if the Dairy Revenue Protection webinar from May 17 was recorded? If it was, what would be the best way to view that? Thanks in advance. Nick


Johnson County Kansas about 1 month ago

Baby Birch w/ Leafless Branches

Our birch tree has been in ground for 1 year, purchased from local nursery. After a harsh winter the leaves look healthy but some branches have no leaf growth. There is no specific pattern to the leafless branches. They are scattered throughout. I’m not sure what’s going on or what to do. I don’t see any holes in the bark that would indicate a infestation and the leaves are all a healthy green. Am I under watering?


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Johnson County Kansas about 1 month ago

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