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Pine tree with scale near koi po d

Is it possible to to treat a large Austrian pine for scale without spraying? I have a koi POND near the tree. I hate to lose the tree but my fish are worth more than the tree. I would like to keep the tree if possible. Thank you.

Will County Illinois 7 months ago

measuring frozen blueberries for jam

I read the article about measuring blueberries for jam prior to freezing too late! I froze my blueberries, and now need to measure frozen berries for a jam recipe. Any advice to achieve accurate measurements?

Kendall County Illinois 8 months ago

Small Pine Tree Problem

What is causing this to my small pine tree?

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McLean County Illinois 10 months ago

Light spectrum, color of sheer curtains and Dracenas!

Hi People! I recently got cream colored sheer curtains to filter bright direct sunlight; it's a SE facing window with very intense morning light.
QUESTION: I'd love to purchase the black version and the deep blue version of this sheer curtain but am worried that the colors will limit the necessary light spectrum that the plants need. Am I fussing for nothing or is my concern valid? I'd really appreciate your feedback as there is nothing online that speaks to the color of sheer curtains, their affect on light spectrum, and whether or not it has any positive or negative impact on plants. (I have 2 Dracenas. I'm not worried about the cream colored curtains.) Thanks, People!

Cook County Illinois over 1 year ago

insect eggs? fungus?

the pictures are "dead" branches of a white lilac, the larger mass is too high for me to reach, the smaller mass was sort of "gooey" inside, and seems to be coming from under the bark? my master garden friend was stumped. Is this a good bad or neutral problem?

Rock Island County Illinois almost 2 years ago

Is this bad

That is a dead boxelder tree stump. The red slimy stuff dissipated about 2 pm that pic was taken at 9 am. I have 2 dogs and two young children that play in the yard is it safe


Cook County Illinois over 3 years ago

Like to learn all you can about EAB? Just ask Scottie AshTree Seed.

I am an Arboriculturist from Chicago who after helplessly watching thousands of American Elm trees get killed by DED when young, vowed that if my generation was in charge during another mass tree killing event in the future. I would be on the forefront of research, educating municipalities and supplying endangered tree owners with every proven option available. In order for public to make well educated, best practice decisions.

Proudly I have achieved that very goal, by becoming one of our regions most knowledgeable on subject. With help from best EAB experts in the USA, at University of Illinois, Ohio & Michigan. Thru this open letter, I would like the public to know. That all Arborist receiving certification today, are instructed to ask their local University Extension representative for technical assistance when faced with any Tree/Plant health care issues. Anyone researching Emerald Ash Borer can also Check out link to my EAB info page, in order to become your communities most knowledgeable Ash tree/EAB expert at: First photo is 250 old White Ash tree planted by George Washington's family, and second photo is Cook counties 250 yr. old Green Ash tree that I have been patriotically protecting against EAB.

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Cook County Illinois over 4 years ago

What is this?

Found it in the shade garden of my new home.

I figured it out! I think its a Korean Bell Flower. Thanks!

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Winnebago County Illinois almost 5 years ago

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