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Tree on road cont

Thank you. I'm out of state but will send pics upon my return.


Bonner County Idaho about 3 years ago

What is this plant?

Can you help me identify this plant?

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Idaho over 4 years ago

A hardship and the fair

I am a 4-H leader in Idaho. We have fair in a couple weeks. Last week one of my girls lost her dog in an accident. Is there any way she can borrow a dog, at least for showmanship? I cannot see this as an "advantage" as all the other kids in the county have been training since January—November in some cases. I know that for horses, allowances for this kind of hardship have been made in the past.

Canyon County Idaho about 7 years ago

Is this an edible mushroom?

This looks like a coral mushroom at first I thought it was a cauliflower mushroom do you know what type of mushroom it is and is it edible



Kootenai County Idaho over 1 year ago

asparagus bed problem

My asparagus bed has been is for four years. I had a good crop last year and the year before. I planted two year crowns and have been careful not to over harvest. This spring however, the spears started coming up very spindly like an 8th inch. There are now a few larger spears and a couple of really thick ones, but all in all the bed looks sick. I have added some soil and a little manure earlier. What needs to be done?


Custer County Idaho over 4 years ago

1970's Doll

For Christmas this year I'm trying to find a doll from my moms childhood. She always talks about it and it's the only thing from her childhood she really talks about.
It was a baby doll, that came with a wicker basket which had accessories inside. She was born in 1970 so I'm thinking somewhere around 1974 to 1979. I am willing to pay anyone who can find ANYTHING that might be right. This would really mean a lot.


Madison County Idaho almost 5 years ago

Classifying Defeats in War

  • In a war: Let's say the invading country loses the last battle before offering a treaty. Keep in mind that it didn't accomplish any of it's objectives.
  • Does that country then suffer a military defeat in terms of war, despite it being a stalemate?
  • For example: The Vietnam war is considered a military victory, while at the same time being classified as a political defeat. First, because the U.S. won every battle, yet chose to withdrawal it's forces.


Boise County Idaho about 5 years ago

Is Solarization Good and/or Worth the Effort

I am skeptical about the benefits of what is being popularly called solarization. People seem to be claiming that "the good insects" and organic matter, etc, regenerate in the soil sooner than the "bad" ones. I don't see how they can claim this. I found one university extension webpage that made similar claims without any evidence that I could see. Also, the idea that I then need to only dig 2-3 inches into my soil seems ludicrous, especially as the season progresses. Weed seeds will still blow in or come with birds. Some things are harvested from deeper than that. Not only that, but it supposedly has to be timed with when the weeds would germinate. They germinate in my garden all season long. Maybe I am being too picky and skeptical. Maybe I also just have too large of a garden (I live on an acre, vegetable garden is roughly equivalent to eighteen 16 by 4 foot raised beds) to make it practical, but I would be interested in an article about this!


Canyon County Idaho over 5 years ago

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