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Invasive Grass???

I have a new grass taking over my lawn. It has deep white roots and sends out long, strong tentacles. Should I kill it? If so, how? Pictures included.

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New Castle County Delaware 8 months ago

Certified applicators for chemical treatment of lespediza

I live in a community in Wilmington that has about 115 homes. In my community’s open space area, we have an infestation of Lespediza cuneata. Do you know of certified applicators who can control the spread of the weed?

New Castle County Delaware 8 months ago

Magnolia tree

The blossoms are dead should I cut them and if so how? Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware 9 months ago

Seedlings agastache and butterfly weed

I have agasrache foeniculum and butterfly weed (pleurisy root) seedlings growing - pic attached. Can either or both get transplanted now? Do either or both need hardened off first, if so how long? What are good day/night temps for these? Thanks


Sussex County Delaware 12 months ago

Skip Laurel Damage (PIX 1)

Please disregard this email, I was able to edit my original email to add the pix. Thanks.

Sussex County Delaware 12 months ago


Best variety of tomtoes for Sussex COUNTY lEWES AREA

Sussex County Delaware almost 3 years ago

Lone snow goose

Resend: We have had a lone what I think is a snow goose just hanging out around a small pond in our community. I don’t know anything about these birds but this seems unusual.

Sussex County Delaware almost 3 years ago

Termite subterranean treatment

I paid a company to treat soil around the house to prevent termites. I was not home when they say the did the treatment. How can I be sure the treatment was done? Is there a soil test for this?

Sussex County Delaware over 3 years ago

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