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preservation of tulip & daffodil bulbs dug up in spring while in bloom

Last weekend I had to dig up my bulb garden full of over 200 blooming tulips & remaining flowering daffodils. How should I deal with them at this point, making sure they receive the nutrients they need since they are no longer in the ground but still have all their leaves, when should I plant them - now or in fall, and how should I store them in the mean time? Thank you. Deb

Boulder County Colorado

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Boulder County CO 23 days ago

Treatment for Winter King Hawthorn tree

My Winter King Hawthorn tree gets rust spots on the leaves (see attached photo). What treatment is available ? and when should it be applied ? Also, I would appreciate any advice on how to assist it to maintain maximum health and beauty.

Thank you


Larimer County CO about 1 month ago

Microclover lawns

Would it be advisable to overseed my blue grass lawn with microclover seeds? I've seen micro clover lawns in other parts of the US that were very nice. I don't anticipate having to use weed killer in this area but I wonder if there are other issues to consider. I understand that a clover lawn requires less fertilizer and also doesn't have high water needs.
I live near Boulder Co.
Thank you, Steve.

Boulder County CO about 1 month ago

Vole problems

I have a major Vole problem. I live in Larkspur, Co on 2 acres year after year my problem gets bigger . Any suggestions I have tried most everything Thanks Larry

Douglas County CO about 1 month ago

Colorado water : detoured, used effectively, or lost through evaporation?

Detoured water is that which is flushed down through a toilet, washed through a garbage disposal unit, or other wise washed down a plumbing line connected to the local sewage works. In a rural household it's the septic tank and drain field: the water, now in the ground, flows on to California. That's mostly true for the water processed in the city sewage works. Compare that with agricultural irrigation and escape through evaporation, , where the only effective water use is that which enters the plant root.

Montezuma County CO 2 months ago

clay soil

I have heavy clay soil in Grand Junction, Co. What additive do I use for my vegetable garden.

Mesa County CO 3 months ago

Rooting Ivy

I have tried twice to root ivy. Both times leaves began turning black and died. Attached is a pic of the latest try. I am using organic soil. I did use a rooting hormone. In the previous tries, I used a plant fertilizer. Thinking that was causing the starts to fail, I used no fertilizer with those in the pic. Starts are contained in a plastic, lidded container, sprayed every other day and are under grow lights for approximately 10 hours per day, at 60-65 degrees. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Denver County CO 3 months ago

lawn deterioration.

Lawn has extensive bare spots covering half of existing front lawn. teated with diatomaceous earth, Compost Nature's Yield, Natural Guard Soil Activator,Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Seed Grass Bluegrass mix in March/April, with minimal good results. Lots of beige blades in rest of grass.
Entire lawn very bumpy.
Up until two seasons ago, lawn was doing fairly well and being serviced by same landscaper person.

Arapahoe County CO 8 months ago

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