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Hemp production

Wanting information for hemp production, starting from soil condition and preparation to seed selection,nutrition,harvesting,marketing

Larimer County Colorado hemp production 6 months ago

Chemical free lawn and open space care

I am going to present a proposal to our HOA to encourage a natural approach to open area maintenance, ideally pesticide and herbicide fre. We are promoting a bee, bird and butterfly friendly community. I have three questions
1. what is the realistic alternative to traditional chemical weed and pest control for large grass and shrub/tree areas managed by our HOA
2. Is anyone else doing this
]3. Are there educational materials I can use for my presentation, and also to distribute to the 75 homes in our community Thank you very much

Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf organic pest management 7 months ago

Austrees Hybrid Willow: What's better choice?

If I want a better "privacy fence", what variety of "FAST GROW" could you suggest?

Huerfano County Colorado 7 months ago

Do you have any idea what is causing one area of my lawn to look brown with dark green splotches

Hello. There is one area of our lawn that looks very odd. I'm attaching a photo. The guy who fertilizes our lawn 4 times a year says it looks like animal pee and extra fertilizer was put on the lawn. We have no pets and did not put anything on our lawn. We are near the foothills in southwest Loveland and do have deer, rabbits, and an occasional bear, but nothing on a regular basis that is in our yard. Would appreciate any help you could give as to what is causing the problem. Thank you so much.


Larimer County Colorado 7 months ago

mystery plant, What is it??

I have a volunteer mystery plant in my garden. At first I thought it was a sunflower. I is now almost 12 ft. tall and has not made a sunflower head but has the making of blossoms or berries. I have searched the web to see what it is with no luck. Maybe you folks can help. Thank you, Please see attached pictures.

Harold (Pete) Praznik

3500 Meade St

Denver, CO 80211

c = 303-842-0669

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Denver County Colorado 7 months ago

plants not thriving- copper poisoning suspected

I have an interesting problem that I need some help. I signed up to lease a plot in the Arvada Community Garden for the first time this year. At the beginning of the year the plot had vegetative growth including weeds, lettuce that self seeded and dill that also self seeded. As background information the ACG is located on 57th Ave east of Walmart and was at one time the reservoir for Arvada. The space was , I’m assuming, excavated at some point to allow water collection and the garden is watered using untreated ditch water that runs along the west edge of the property. The untreated water is used by all the gardeners. On May 28th through mid June I started planting tomato plants as well as cabbage, brocolli and cauliflower. In early June I planted herbs which included oregano, basil, sage and parsley. In mid June I planted corn seed followed by bush bean seeds. In total I planted the following:

Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, broccoli, basil, sage, oregano, bush beans, cucumbers, corn and onions.

I had some die off/stunting of the tomatoes, broccoli and cucumbers which I attributed to the cold weather in late May/ early June. In terms of soil preparation I did NOT rototill, rather I scrapped the surface to remove the growth and loosened the soil only where the plant of seed was placed. I water the garden every other day. I chose that watering scheme due to the soil cracking I was observing in the plot. Apart from some die off my plants were not growing though some were yielding immature ( ie small undersized) fruit even though the plants were small. Assuming some cold weather stunting I applied some Jobs Organic Tomato and Vegetable fertilizer to my tomatoes and peppers followed by a second addition in July to all plants because they still appeared stunted. At that point I collected a soil sample from my garden. The plot is 12x22 feet and I collected 5 samples from the 4 corners and center and then blended the sample prior to submitting the sample for analysis. The sample did sit for about one week prior to mailing and I am aware that this lag time might contribute to a lower N2 score. I have since applied the entire 4lb bag of fertilizer to my plants The results of the sample are attached and indicate a high level of copper that maybe toxic to plant growth In addition the sample indicate high levels of P, K and organics. I suspect that copper levels are the cause of my problem.

Next I looked at what could be done to neutralize or bind the copper. I found several options though I haven’t listed all:

  1. Replace the soil. I was not going to take that path as I do not own the plot
  2. Treat with phosphate containing fertilizers that will bind with the copper and prevent absorbsion I have to date added the entire 4lb bag of vegetable fertilizer to my plot
  3. Raise the pH which I don’t think is practical as soil pH is on the high side and further increases will retard growth
  4. Add organics which also will bind the copper though my plot currently has 7% organic material now
  5. Conduct bioremediation (phytoextraction) by planting and growing crops that will take up the copper.

I have not been able to locate the particulars (application rates, preferred additions or years required) to determine what, if any, method should be used on a plot of land that I do not own. Assuming of course that my identified root cause is correct. Any insight you might have on this problem is greatly appreciated. It maybe that the only practical economical option is to walk away from the plot. Any help or insight you can provide is appreciated I can also supply the soil analysis document. It appears this application does not allow uploading of pdfs

Jeff Staniszewski

Master Gardener Apprentice

Img_2608_300x300%2523 Img_2609_300x300%2523 Soil_analysis_300x300%2523

Jefferson County Colorado 8 months ago

roses problem

I am not sure what's wrong with my roses. Everytime I cut the branch dies. The stems are splitting. Not sure why. Finally, not sure it the leaf damage is from neem oil or dicanil or something else. Seems like my engrid burgman, perfume delight, tea rose bush and red climber all have the issues

Img_20190727_164128202_300x300%2523 Img_20190727_164041872_hdr_300x300%2523 Img_20190727_164206360_hdr_300x300%2523

Denver County Colorado 8 months ago

Controlling insects in my pumpkin patch

I am growing giant pumpkins for my 2nd year and have many tiny flying insects in the patch this summer. I caught these 2 and attached some photos. There is another one that is a green florescent color, and similar very small size, Note that the photo of the leaf has the leaf sort of dried out since I picked it this morning. I think the holes are from bugs. Area is well fenced, so shouldn't be critters.
What should I use to control the insects and protect my plants.? Thank you.

Bugs_on_pumpkin_leaves_view_2_300x300%2523 Bugs_on_pumpkin_leaves_view_1_300x300%2523 Bugs_leaf_with_holes_and_bugs_300x300%2523

Arapahoe County Colorado 9 months ago

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