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Bright rust spots

I ma seeing my rose bush leaves curling up and dying upon further investigation there are bright rust spots on the leaves. What to do??

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Denver County Colorado about 1 month ago

What is this tan beetle?

I am trying to identify this tan spotted beetle found on many of the flowers at my mother's property in Pueblo West. Specifically, we'd like to know if they will damage the flowers, and if so, how to control them.

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Pueblo County Colorado about 1 month ago

Tiny bugs in the bathroom

Hello, I have these tiny bugs in our bathroom in Denver, Colorado. Thanks to your website I was able to identify them as “Duff Miilipedes.”
Thank you for your clear and excellent information!

Arapahoe County Colorado about 1 month ago

Barren Strawberry as Groundcover

I hate looking at mulch and want to plant ground-cover in my perennial garden. Will Barren Strawberry choke out my perennials once it spreads?

Barb from Broomfield

Broomfield County Colorado groundcovers strawberries about 1 month ago

Fire-blight or Over-watering?? - Apple Trees & Blackberries

I have two young apple trees which were just planted a couple of weekends ago. Prior to planting, their leaves were green and looked completely normal. We planted and carefully followed planting instructions, digging large hole (water basin), adding compost, top soil, mixed with native soil, and were sure to leave root bulb 1'' above ground level. Added a little mulch. We also planted new, perfectly healthy blackberry bushes. We then got lots of crazy weather--tons of rain, and a little bit of hail, and lots of wind.

I have attached photos of our applies trees and blackberry bushes. As you can see, the leaves are brown and curling, especially on the apple trees. The apple tree leaves have holes in them in certain spots, and some of the branches appear to have curled over/dropped a bit. Our neighbors planted over 30 fruit trees two springs ago, and every single one died! Everyone out here on the north eastern plains seems to struggle to keep trees alive. We are on the border of Adams and Weld county, about 25 miles north of Strasburg.

I need help to determine what is wrong with my apple trees, and I'd also like to find out how we can go about having our soil tested by the extension.

Thank you for your help!

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Adams County Colorado about 1 month ago

Elm tree pest identification

never mind, I stumbled upon what I think is infesting my tree...elm leaf miners. I don't see an obvious way to delete this question

Elm_leaves_1_300x300%2523 Elm_leaves_2_300x300%2523

Arapahoe County Colorado about 1 month ago

Grass lawn in Buena Vista CO

What is the best grass for a residential lawn in Buena Vista, CO? It will receive pretty heavy use by children. We want something that needs little watering, if possible. I understand buffalo grass is not good at that elevation (about 7800-7950 feet). I think the Hardiness zone is 5b but does this account for elevation too? This is for small areas of yard. How is Blue Gamma for play areas? Are there other options? Low maintenance, low water. Thanks.

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Chaffee County Colorado 3 months ago

preservation of tulip & daffodil bulbs dug up in spring while in bloom

Last weekend I had to dig up my bulb garden full of over 200 blooming tulips & remaining flowering daffodils. How should I deal with them at this point, making sure they receive the nutrients they need since they are no longer in the ground but still have all their leaves, when should I plant them - now or in fall, and how should I store them in the mean time? Thank you. Deb

Boulder County Colorado

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Boulder County Colorado 3 months ago

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