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Little worm found in our cats hair

We keep finding these in our cats hair they stick to our skin and sting almost like they bite. They don't crawl or move but seem to dry up once they separate from our cat and like a grain of rice. Anyone know what we're dealing with? Please help my boyfriend is literally going insane!

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Orange County CA 3 months ago

Does anyone recognize this?

My neighbor found this and posted it wondering what it is. It's about the size of a quarter. It was found in the yard .

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San Diego County CA 6 months ago

Brown leaves on blueberry

Can you tell me what this is? Leaves are turning brown with silvery white spots on them. Plant is heavy with berries. Not as leafed out as I would like.


Calaveras County CA 9 months ago

Land cover 2100 ft mountain

I'm am currently clearing black berries and poison oak on 7 acres with a seasonal creek through it. After clearing I want to plant a grass for soil cover. I have read that will help curb the regrowth of poison oak.
Placerville California

El Dorado County CA 11 months ago

Size Is Not The Issue

From, can you please update your article at so that your discriminatory anti-artist phrase, "use a small artist's brush to transfer," reads, "use an artist small brush to transfer," so that your such grammatical error does not scare the bees away from the squash, as the yellow squash, zucchini, and sweet onions at the grocery stores are growing, perhaps from reduced pollination, painful needles? I do not really know how such an error on your part might be making the bees avoid the squash in the farm fields, but, just in case, can you please correct such error, anyway, as I would certainly enjoy getting back to including plenty of assorted fresh raw vegetables in my fat loss diet?

Kern County CA over 2 years ago

Bugs in house!

I see bugs on the beds around the house! There was also a ton of different bugs in a second hand carpet I had for about 5 months. Are they bed bugs? What are they? How can I get rid of them? The 1st and 3rd photo are the before and after I killed it. The middle one is the one I see most often, but when I kill the middle one it is just black not orange.

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Ventura County CA over 2 years ago

Tiny black bugs in my house!

I have a bunch of these bugs around my house. I also found some in the bed. We found a bunch in our carpet. Does anyone know what they are and or know if they bite. Btw the last photo is the bug in water.

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Los Angeles County CA over 2 years ago

Rebuilding a Deck

Hello, The deck I'm re-building has some larger lumber 4x12 holding the deck up, cantilevered from the house, My main question is about the stairs: Doubled up 2" x 12" ea. side for stairs stringers, is there a rating system for structual beams under stairs or joists that could be assigned to a class A , B , C
Three sides of the house are standard stucco walls, a barrier between house and deck.
High fire zone. Any Ideas would be appreciated

Santa Cruz County CA almost 3 years ago

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