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Rubber compost containers

Is it ok to use compost containers made from car tires ?

Pulaski County Arkansas about 1 month ago

Coral bark Japanese maple

Our coral bark maple leafed out this spring and immediately turned fall orange color. Now the leaves are dry and crisp. The limbs have white spots and lines on them. Can this tree be saved. It is about five feet tall five feet across.

Garland County Arkansas 5 months ago

What is this

I found this tear drop unique rock in the woods


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Independence County Arkansas about 1 year ago

Using washed diesel and added hydraulic additives as hydraulic oil

Dear sir, Am a student of hydraulic mechanism. Am writing my project on reclaim base oil and hydraulic additives. Please while browsing on internet, I saw your website. Pls, I have an academic question that I wish to ask you for my thesis. (1) A diesel fuel that is washed or treated with boiling temperature and small percentage of sulfuric acid and Bleaching Earth to remove the colorant and its additives then neutralise the recovered base oil with lime (alkaline) (2) Can the above recovered base oil be added hydraulic additives to make it a hydraulic oil ? That is, converting diesel oil to hydraulic oil. pls contact at my email Thanks Jeff


Arkansas over 3 years ago

pecan trees

I have Xanthoria and Physcia on my 9 years old pecan trees (2). What can I do? I planted a new one this year hoping I would get pecans one day


Faulkner County Arkansas over 4 years ago

Ants in tree chips

I had a maple cut in my backyard and ground up with the idea of using the chips in my flower beds but have just discovered that the chips are full of ants and another type insect, is it safe to use these chips in my flower beds.


Pulaski County Arkansas over 4 years ago

interchangable laptop screens

is a toshiba satellite L455-S5009 laptop screen compatible with Toshiba satellite C855-S5308


Arkansas County Arkansas over 4 years ago


Why don't you have more games for kids to learn how to mess with horses?



Craighead County Arkansas over 4 years ago

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