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Disgraceful answer to that poor girl needing help for bites, itching,seeing...

Disgraceful answer to that poor girl needing help for bites, itching,seeing the blighters responsible. Saying shese delusional! I’m horrified ! You awful company! How dare you insult her this way! Shese suffering! Shame on you!!! May you and your associates suffer same!

Alaska 8 months ago

wood stove chimney instillation in a mobile home,

is it safe to use dow rigid blue board to insulate the sides of the through the ceiling support box ?.. next day....i went online and found the answer,...use drywall cut to size as rigid insulation could be combustible.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska 10 months ago


I have a few haskap plants being destroyed by an unknown bug. I believe it is a sawfly but need an experts opinion on how to deal with it.

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Anchorage Alaska 4 months ago

profusion of cotton on aspens

What might be causing the profusion of cotton on local aspen trees? Never noticed anything like this in 40 plus years in the Eagle River valley, Anchorage, and Turnagain arm. Appreciate your knowledgeable insights always. John

Anchorage Alaska 4 months ago

Weird leaf disease spreading

My garden seems to be infested with some kind of leaf disease (?) that deforms the leaves and prevents flowers from blooming and fruit from forming. It happens on new growth (end/top of branches/stems) on many types of plants. It deforms leaves and shows reddish spots. I don’t think I see any insects. It might have started on alders, but after years is on peonies, honey berry plants, apple tree, fireweed, etc...

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Anchorage Alaska 2 months ago

Raspberry plant pathology question

I have lots more photos I would love to share concerning the raspberry plant pathology issue. This is been a long term. Five years ago we had an extension agent come and look. Our production have gone from 1200 pints to 50 pints over the five years. At that time she said it was excess of weed problem. Through talking with the top pathology person in Alaska I am wondering if there’s more at stake than the weeds. I would love to share more photos and plant material if that would help us get to the root of the problem. If it is resilient I need to remove the infected material before the winter.The winter is close upon us. Looking for answers. Anne Hayes 907-803-0445. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Alaska about 1 month ago

Something is Killing All Our Wild High-bush Cranberries!

Over the course of the summer, something has been killing all the wild high-bush cranberries on our property. We live up Knik-Goose Bay Road at about mi. 6 in Hollanridge Subdivision. Normally our cranberry bushes are lush and green in the summer, but this summer something is just killing them by turning their leaves completely brown and dry. I've attached a photo. We have no idea what is wrong and we've never seen anything like this in the over 30 years we've lived on this property. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you need more info, feel free to email me.


Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska 2 months ago

Spruce tree damage

Dogs have dug around 2 spruce trees and damaged some roots. When I refill with dirt, is Vitamin B (for plants) or anything else a good idea to water with at the site to treat for shock and stress?


Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska about 4 years ago

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