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order Handbooks from New Zealand

Hi people, We like to order the handbooks agriculture but need to contact you first. Can you give us a contact email address please?

OUTSIDEUS 3 months ago


We have interest of partnership with OSU Extension Service. Thank you. Jonathan

OUTSIDEUS 4 months ago

My uncle put packets of fertilizer at my sofa..?

My uncle put packets of fertilizer at my sofa.... now m worried .is my sofa harmful now? How to remove it now?

OUTSIDEUS 5 months ago

Safer method of leading a horse Not a question but a view from the experts, please

I have noted many people lead a horse on a halter only, recently I noted a handler trying to lunge a horse on a halter. Leading a horse on a halter outside of confined yard is fraught with danger.
If the animal takes fright and then decides flight you have no hope at all of controlling that horse.
I have seen this happen and I have had it happen to myself. It can and often does lead to injury to the handler.
A halter should only be used when leading in a confined space i.e yard to yard. A halter should also be used to tether a horse on its own or in conjunction with a bridle to avoid damage to the bridle. When I lead a horse in an open area I always use a bridle with a double clip lead. If I have a halter over the top of the bridle, I use two methods. A single clip lead, I thread the lead through the bridle mouthpiece D Ring or the egg yoke ring, then clip on to the halter. If I use a double clip lead, I clip one latch onto the ring of the bridle mouth piece, the second latch is clipped onto the halter. Both methods give far more control over the head. Always, always use gloves when leading a horse, when a horse starts to get away on you and the lead rips through your hand, nasty rope burns can happen. When that happens, goodness knows were the horse will career of to?

OUTSIDEUS 6 months ago

Silver flecks in rock.

I found this rock at the beach in Torbay. It is black and white tiger strips but is covered in silver flecks. I think it is stunning.

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OUTSIDEUS 11 months ago

What kind of spider is this

Good afternoon We just popped to our local Sainsbury’s store. As it’s a Sunday and living in Britain it’s of course Sunday dinner time. However we opened up the rosmary to find a spider with its nest in the leafs. The nest opened up a little spiders crawled out! The rosmary was from Italy!

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OUTSIDEUS over 1 year ago

Can you identify this spider for me?

A friend found this spider on his home in Manitoba Canada. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out the species but I just can't with this one. Thanks!


OUTSIDEUS over 1 year ago

Pumpkin nutrition

Good Morning, I worh for a parge pumpkin grower in the UK. We know that excess nitrogen can damage the storage potential of the crop, but, has anyone looked at the benefits of organic matter in the soil on storability & quality, or even using humic acid or other soil enhancers to improve pumkin storage potential, I wonder? I would welcome your views on best timing of fertilier application & what rates to use, based on work in your area, please? I can be reached at paul@pwhort.com, or 00447470452007. Thank you for reading my question.

OUTSIDEUS organic fertilizer growing pumpkins pumpkins over 1 year ago

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