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A cookroach? Booklouse? Bed bugs? Or what?

I found this thing on my bedroom wall. It was very tiny so I had to zoom the pic. I recently moved to this place.
I had cookroach infestation in my old place, but tried not to bring anything to my new place except my clothes and my laptops. I had really hard time and scared now!
Since it's not oval shaped and has wings, hopefully it's not a cockroach!
Somebody told me it's a booklouse! I have no idea which one is the worse. Since 2 days ago I didn't see any more. Does one single booklouse mean an infestation?

Thanks in advance.

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OUTSIDEUS 4 months ago

Would a ray gun stop this wilt?

Would a ray gun stop this wilt?

OUTSIDEUS 4 months ago

Reason for chick death and shall we make them go out in the sun?

We have chicken dying by 100s everyday ..what r the reasons? Also we always keep them in the house...is this ok or shall we make them go out on the grass

OUTSIDEUS 8 months ago

Spacing of shrubs

Thanks for response.camellia,pieris,azelias,hebe,hocherias,capenios,,shrubs.Acers.one 13 ft high.1 at5 ft.2 at2ft.1 mugo pine,1 colarado,1 not sure.various hellebores.acid soil where appropriate.

OUTSIDEUS 10 months ago

Pressure cooker

The presto cooker has a weighted rocker that does not rock but vents vigorously through the small rubber gasket.

OUTSIDEUS 11 months ago

order Handbooks from New Zealand

Hi people, We like to order the handbooks agriculture but need to contact you first. Can you give us a contact email address please?

OUTSIDEUS over 1 year ago


We have interest of partnership with OSU Extension Service. Thank you. Jonathan

OUTSIDEUS over 1 year ago

My uncle put packets of fertilizer at my sofa..?

My uncle put packets of fertilizer at my sofa.... now m worried .is my sofa harmful now? How to remove it now?

OUTSIDEUS over 1 year ago

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