Bath County, Kentucky

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High potassium in soil

My soil tested high in potassium and phosphorus and low on nitrogen. Is there anything I can do to bring the higher levels down? The lower leaves are beginning to yellow on my tomato plants and I think it's attributed to this.


Bath County Kentucky about 3 years ago


My neighbor pointed out that I have a huge hornets nest on my house, how do I get rid of it?


Bath County Kentucky almost 4 years ago


do you offer classes on the best foods for diabetics


Bath County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Plastic greenhouses for growing vegetables and herbs

I am interested in learning about using high tunnel plastic structures to extend the growing season. I think I would like to have some degree if climate control if I could afford it. Can you direct me to a reliable source of information? Is there in-person advice available if needed? Thank you.


Bath County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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