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Wrong advice

We had birdmites in our home for 4 years . Yes they can live on humans and they can get in the lungs . Cost us 10,000 at the end of it all. I also have lyme disease from those lone star ticks.

Barren County Kentucky over 1 year ago

chemical sprays

I was wondering if the county uses any chemicals either for pest or weed control. I live on 87 and have been developing pollinator gardens and if there is spraying done what would I have to do so my road frontage isn't sprayed. Thank you


Barren County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

Winter Application of Lawn Ferterlizer

My lawn service (Tru-Green) has been delaying the winter application of my lawn ferterlizer until late December or even January. From the literature I have read, it seems the latest date should be the end of November. Am I wasting my money paying for a winter application of ferterlizer in late December or January? THANKS!!!


Barren County Kentucky over 2 years ago

Ground covering

Looking for hillside ground covering. Low maintenance 12-18 inches tall. Stays greeN year round


Barren County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Electric fence no voltage

Anyone, please advise me on electric fencing to protect garden from raccoons. In my life I’ve effectively made many electric fences and never had so much difficulty. Charger produces 2000 volts at terminals but none at fence 20 feet away. Copper clad ground rod is 4 feet deep. Never have I used more than one rod for fence only 900 feet long. And test of 15 foot fence connected same also doesn’t show even 600v at fence. Can charger be bad yet give 2 kV at terminals? I do have another 7’ ground rod but, again, I never had to use more than one. Other rod is galvanized, not copper clad, but guess that doesn’t matter. Just hate to sink another rod for temporary garden fence, as it may be in the way later and they are very difficult to pull out when not needed. Is it the charger although it has 2 kV at the terminals?


Barren County Kentucky 3 months ago

Please name this berry tree

Recently moved into our home. We have this very tall tree on our property that produces berries. I believe the deer are eating them when they fall to the ground. What are they? Thank you, Tracy G.



Barren County Kentucky 3 months ago


What do you recommend for vaccines for chickens? We are slowly losing our flock. First they either go lame or start dropping one wing. They lose weight and have diarrhea. After a few weeks they weaken and die. I took 2 stool culture swabs to the vet to get sent off for testing and hopefully will learn this week what is going on. Is anyone else in the county having this problem? Thanks in advance, any advice is welcome.


Barren County Kentucky over 3 years ago

Small crops

We have approximately 2 acres of land that we would like to use for small crops. What would be a good crop that we could start and also be profitable. We are fairly new to the area and reside in Austin.


Barren County Kentucky over 3 years ago

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