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Need to know what kinda tree this is

We have this tree in our yard, on a farm we bought in Wickliffe Ky I have a pic can someone tell me what kind this is? And if there any use for it? There are several on our property!!



Ballard County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

4H Swine program

Does Wickliffe KY have children that show market Swine at the fair, I'm a 4H Livestock leader in Rock Springs WY. We have bought a small farm in Wickliffee Ky and would like to still be involved with this!


Ballard County Kentucky almost 3 years ago

Raising Rabbits

We have extablished a rabbit sanctuary and rescue on our land in Blandville. For the first 6 months, we did not use any cages or fences and we only lost a couple of rabbits. When we reached in excess of 50 rabbits, we decided to contain them in a 3,000sf fenced area but then we attracted predators so we fully enclosed the area with fencing and netting. Now we are losing as many as 10 rabbits a day to sudden death and we cannot figure out what is causing this. They appear to be healthy in the morning, they become sluggish later in the day and then just drop over dead before our eyes. A few have been bloated and a few have been thin but most have had a normal appearance with no outward signs of trauma or gastric distress. What can we do to identify and eliminate the cause?


Ballard County Kentucky almost 2 years ago

Ballard County Talent Show

I have been trying very hard to find out anything I can about the Talent Show at the Ballard County Fair coming up this month. I'd like to enter if at all possible but I can't find out anything online! Would you happen to know how to enter or at least who to contact regarding it?


Ballard County Kentucky almost 4 years ago

What small black bug is this?

I have found these in my home. Some on the ceiling, some on the counters, one or two on my bed. What are they?



Ballard County Kentucky 22 days ago

pasture renewing

I was wondering what would be the best thing to plant for a pasture. I have mostly goats but also have a couple mini donkeys and horses mixed in. I was also wondering the best way to go about it. It is about an acre right now.


Ballard County Kentucky over 5 years ago

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