Adair County, Kentucky

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What plant is this

It has grown flowers but they are dead in the photo there are many scattered around my property I would love to know what kind it is


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Adair County Kentucky about 5 years ago

Planting balckberries

My husband wants to plant blackberries next to a concrete foundation. Is this alright? Will it affect the growth or leach out lime into the soil?


Adair County Kentucky about 4 years ago

Black Raspberry plants it possible because of nearby black locust trees

We had a row of 20 Black Raspberry plants that did well for several years. However, over the last few years they have been dying. About 15 feet away is our neighbors property and there are black locust trees growing right up to our property line. Do black locust give off a substance that could be killing the plants? I am trying to decide if I should move our raspberries to a new location far from the black locust roots. Stephanie


Adair County Kentucky 6 months ago

Fruits and fruit trees

What are the best fruits and fruit trees to grow in this region


Adair County Kentucky 6 months ago

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