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Greenhouse bugs

Hi. I have the roly polies in my greenhouse and the like to eat the sprouts from newly planted seeds. How can i control this until the plant gets bigger. Ive tried cinnamon and a soap spray. There is also these very small 'millipedes'. I dont see them eating but they are in the dirt.


Gila County AZ about 5 years ago

home canning

I have a zucchini relish recipe that does not call for a hot water bath or boiling the food before putting it in the hot jars I've used it for years and it works but now I'm seeing all other zucchini relish recipes call for boiling product prior to 10-30 hot water bath. What should I do to ensure a safe product. Have I just been lucky so far as not getting everyone sick?


Gila County AZ about 5 years ago

Best grass for high altitude

We have a cabin in Arizona at 6000 ft. elevation. We are not always there to water frequently. What would be a good grass variety that will regenerate with the monsoon rains and survive a couple of weeks between watering?


Gila County AZ almost 4 years ago

What blossom is this?

It was on what appeared to be a small tree. In my image i see split leaves along with long slender leaves.



Gila County AZ almost 6 years ago


I am having trouble with mice. can i use ultra sonic plug-ins in my coop at night. will it affect my chickens in any way?, ( keep them awake, make them stop laying,etc.)


Gila County AZ over 2 years ago

Kill Poa annua (annual bluegrass)

What chemical product do I buy to kill Poa annua (annual bluegrass) without hurting the Bermudagrass in my lawn? A chemical for postemergent and chemical for preemergent or one that does both? Can you tell me an off-the-shelf name and where to buy it?


Gila County AZ over 5 years ago

i found your website re well water and how to read a test

where in arizona payson ( 90 mi north of phoenix) would health dept test water its brown at times and we also have septic problems on the property we rent very worried about the well owner said he has it tested every june it hasnt been done-- do we have to go to independent lab?? my friends sister died from contaminated well water yrs ago and acquired hep c leading to liver cancer--- very concerned and our pets have been sick too diarrhea and coughing my husband and i also we now use bottled water and brita filter but we shower with this water and wash dishes we use bottled water for them now --- po box 2 payson az 85547 928--363--1452 home cell 928--583 4429 thank you for any help rendered mrs Brenda a Rivers


Gila County AZ almost 4 years ago

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