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Plant ID

Shrub, can you ID please?


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Coconino County AZ about 4 years ago

What flower is this

This was at the Arboretum at Flagstaff Aug. 6th. I submitted it once and two days later I got "We don't know" for an answer.



Coconino County AZ almost 6 years ago

Camelthorn rizomes growing inside/through house walls and floor

Is there anyone out there who has seen this type of infestation, and has had any success in trying to get rid of such an infestation? House locations are in Coconino County AZ. at elevations around 4900 feet.


Coconino County AZ over 7 years ago

Use of Neem Oil Early to Combate Blackspot in Roses

April 22 I asked this question of you, and your forwarded it to the University of Arizona extension. They gave me a complete answer. Thank you.
However, I would like to know what you in Colorado at high altitudes do. Do you have success with using Neem oil early in spring when the ground is still firm & the rose leaves are barely budding out?
Thank you. Carol Chicci


Coconino County AZ over 4 years ago

high altitude adjustments

what is the high altitude adjustment for 6000 feet I am making totillas


Coconino County AZ over 5 years ago

weeping willow distress

My weeping willow is showing significant distress. One third to one half of the high branches are bare and brown, although not dead. Many leaves are brown mottled, completely brown and dry, or have died and fallen off. We did have a big aphid infestation last summer. No evidence now of either aphids or psyllids. I'm worried about some sort of blight. Shall I prune off the damaged branches? Wait to see what developes? I deep watered yesterday, down 2-3 feet. The wind is really blowing here, hard and dry -- normal for May/June here. I am in Coconino County in northern Arizona (6,500 feet, south of Flagstaff), and although I am an Arizona master gardener volunteer in Phoenix, I have limited experience with plants in northern Arizona nor with willows. Hope you will respond soon. Thank you so much.


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Coconino County AZ about 4 years ago

Please identify this plant and flower

Flower photo taken Aug. 6, 2014 at the Arboretum at Flagstaff. Blossom about 1.5 inches across.



Coconino County AZ almost 6 years ago

Adjustments for no-knead crusty white bread at 7200 feet elevation

I have been baking the King Arthur Flour no-knead crusty white bread recipe for many months now with fairly good success, but I want it to be the best it can be. I have been reading about adjustments to make at 7200 feet elevation and will now try to add a tablespoon of water extra for each cup of flour. I am wondering if I should also decrease the yeast? I have been letting the dough proof for two hours and then putting it in the refrigerator overnight, per the recipe. At this altitude, would it be better to proof it in the refrigerator? If so, how long must it be in the refrigerator before I can bake it? Thank you!


Coconino County AZ about 3 years ago

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