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problem with moisture in attic

Do you have anyone on staff that can help me with a problem with moisture in my attic? The situation is that my one story ranch home has A/C with flexible ducts in the attic. I suspect that it was not properly installed (or as I have been told, it probably was up to code at the time of installation in 1997, but the code has changed and it is not up to today's code) -- the reason I believe it was not properly installed is that I have had an ongoing problem with condensation dripping out of the ceiling (which started the first winter after the AC was installed and continued even after I had called the HVAC company for repairs), and now I have discovered mold growing in the plenum in the attic as well as a rusty condensate pan in the attic. The ceiling in my living room was badly damaged by this moisture and there is evidence of moisture/mold in the hallway along the ceiling/wall. It has been suggested to me that i need more ventilation. It has also been suggested that I need more insulation. I know I need to get rid of the mold and the moisture. I don't know what to do first. I don't know how much ventilation, or what kind.


Wright County Iowa over 5 years ago

enrolling kids in 4H

I am having trouble reenrolling my kids for 4H. We have a different email now and it wont allow me to change it. My kids are Kayleen, Connor, and Meleah Johnson. Thanks for your help. Karianne Johnson


Wright County Iowa over 5 years ago

Farm land values

Do you know what the value per acre is for farms in Wright County? I assume that there will be an updated publication for the annual Iowa Land Value Survey sometime early in 2014? We have an interest in 209 acres near Clarion, IA in Wright County


Wright County Iowa over 5 years ago

phosphorus rejuvenators

do they improve yields in corn and soybeens and what bis the payback?


Wright County Iowa field crops corn soybeans over 2 years ago

Soil contamination

Is there a way to sterilize the soil under my bird feeders as i have got histoplasma from the dropings under the feeders. We have discontinued feeding birds


Wright County Iowa birds disease issues soil and fertility issues soil contamination horticulture about 5 years ago

Best way to exihibite Egyption Walking Onions in an open class at county fair?

What is the best way to exhibit Egyptian Walking Onion? Because of the characteristics of the specie with the entire plant being edible, the tops being the strongest identification of the plant, cutting the tops and drying, just doesn't seem the best way to show the quality of the plant. Any ideas, suggestions? The Wright county fair is the fair of choice. Please advise. Thank you. Cheryl Goltz.


Wright County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Moving Iris

I have a bed of iris that needs to be reworked. I know that September (early fall) is the ideal time to move them, but without blooms, it is difficult to remember the colors (I have a lot!). Can they be moved when they finish blooming this spring while I still know where one color begins and ends? Will this affect their blooming next spring? Thanks!


Wright County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Sick Maple tree

Could you please tell me what is wrong with my maple tree? I have two different ones and they are both dying in the middle. I have attached pictures. Is there anything I can do to save them? Thank you!



Wright County Iowa maple trees over 2 years ago

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