Worth County, Iowa

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weeds in ditch

We were not able to burn our ditch before the tall grass and weeds took over. The ditch is steep in parts and has quite a bit of rock from the gravel road being graded. Last year we had the awful yellow weed for the first time. Is there something that can be used to keep the weeds down that is safe, or anything else that could be grown that would look nice? Thank you.


Worth County Iowa over 4 years ago

cherry tree

I am renting a house and have two cherry trees. I thought I should wait for the fruits to be the stereotypical red, but at that point they are rotting on their stems. The ones that are just a little red seem sweet. I tasted a few with no red and they are sour, but I cannot tell if it is because they are not ripe or because they are supposed to be sour cherries. The home owner does not remember what it is- I think his ex-wife planted them, lol. Attached is a picture I took of the blossoms this spring



Worth County Iowa about 7 years ago

Center Pivot irrigation payback

I have been considering adding a center pivot irrigation sytem to out farm. The cost is estimated at $1,000/acre. Our farm has approx 130 acres tillible. The benefits are improved yields, less compaction because we could apply chemicals and nitrogen with the center pivot. I am wondering if you have any information on determining an average payback for such an investment. Our farm has CSR in the mid 60s. I have been told that some that have added the center pivots feel they improve the farm as if the CSR rating was raised 10 points. I am sure that the yield improvements will vary by year depending on the temps, and other factors. But I was looking for a general rate of return.


Worth County Iowa over 6 years ago

how to rid my lawn of orchord grass

Is there a spray that I can mix up to kill the orchard grass that is taking over my lawn? Is there a dry mix like fertilizer? The same with brome grass? Thank you


Worth County Iowa about 4 years ago

Dying Evergreen Tree

We have a couple of trees that are looking sick. One has looked this way for several years. There is one other that is alos stating to look the same way. There was a sampling that grew up next to the trunk that I wondering if it could have been chocking the roots. I pulled it out a couple of summers ago, but this tree looks about the same or maybe a little worse. Just wondering what you suspect the problem might be. Thanks



Worth County Iowa over 7 years ago

mapping tile lines with GPS Apps on Ipad or Iphone

Is there an app out there that I can map my existing tiles lines on my farm using my Ipad or Iphone? I can locate the lines, but I was looking for a mapping app, or something that I can go out in the field and click where the tile line is and then make a notation of the size, if it is a main line, or branch, and the direction of flow. I just figured with the technology today there should be a simple way to accomplish this. Thanks.


Worth County Iowa over 7 years ago

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