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Summer camps

Hi I was wondering if Woodbury county extension was still planning to have the youth summer camps this summer? Thanks!

Woodbury County Iowa 4 months ago

Signed up for Master Gardener and Haven't Heard back

Hello! My sister, Linda Lees and I both signed up for the Master Gardner class that starts in September. We sent our form and checks in around April 3, 2016. Neither of our checks have been cashed and we haven't heard anything. We want to take the course! Please advise on what we do or who we talk to about this. Thanks! Rhonda Briggs

Woodbury County Iowa about 4 years ago


My son Jacob Barnes is enrolled with the Rock Branch Producers. we are trying to renew his enrollment. I am sorry to say we can not remember the email address or the password we use. Can you please help us with this. Thank you! Sincerely. Caroline Barnes

Woodbury County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Club Aluminum roaster used over open fire in camp, There is still some black in finish of hammered

Is there anything that will take the rest of the smoke burnt off the outside of the roaster?

Woodbury County Iowa over 5 years ago

Transplanting a knee-high baby catalpa tree

So I have three tall n handsome catalpa trees on my property I think they're awesome especially this time of year when they're all bloomed out. With their abundance of pretty white flowers and broad leaves. So today I found this little fella under the shade of an of an apple tree. And so I'd like to transplant him to where I tried to transplant this pina plant the other day. Which is a few feet back from a 1 foot tall retaining wall and at the end of my newly planted wildflower garden that also runs along the retaining wall but is doing well any advice would be helpful thank you


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Woodbury County Iowa over 1 year ago


I have a small, Iowa DNR approved business business that removes/relocates, Nuisance Wildlife, safe, pet/kid friendly, services Woodbury and adjoining county. All licenses/permits applicable. Creekside NWCO , would like to send you some business/contact cards for any referrals you may have. Beavers to badgers, raccoons skunks to ground hogs , please let me know, and TY


Woodbury County Iowa about 4 years ago

Wild Mushroom

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of Mushroom this is.



Woodbury County Iowa 5 months ago

Forgot to add lemon juice to home canned tomatoes

I just pressure canned tomatoes without adding lemon juice. Are they safe to eat?


Woodbury County Iowa about 7 years ago

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