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Apple Tree Pests

What solution can I use in a plastic milk jug to help capture pest to hang in an apple tree. I have heard the solution of apple cider vinegar and sugar. What would you suggest


Winneshiek County Iowa over 3 years ago

Spider mites

How do i get rid of spider mites on my mandevilla


Winneshiek County Iowa 8 months ago


I'd really like to get my kindergarten aged daughter involved with 4-H, but I don't know much about it or who to contact about getting more information about it. I live in Decorah, IA. Can you help?


Winneshiek County Iowa about 6 years ago

Deer repellent Capsaicin affecting bees?

I am wondering if a systemic granular product called Repellex and containing 0.3% Capsaicin purchased to repel deer and rabbits from ornamental plants will affect bees and other pollinators. The directions say to apply this to the soil and it will be transported into the plant through the root system. It is a one time application. Thank you for any help, Meg Storkamp


Winneshiek County Iowa over 1 year ago


What kind of plant is this?



Winneshiek County Iowa about 4 years ago

Green Manure cover Crops

Can you suggest some green manures cover crop, that could still be planted this year, for a future garden plot? It would be tilled under, in Spring of 2016 and used as a garden that same year. If it matter, because of cost considerations, the size would be 1/4 acre or larger. The area has recently been roto-tilled, and is currently bare. Thanks,G.L.,Decorah, IA


Winneshiek County Iowa about 5 years ago

What type of turfgrass is best for edging borders?

I cannot keep grass from crawling under and above ground into my flower borders. Edging by cutting the turf edge each spring doesn't work for long enough to justify the amount of time spent. Plastic and wood edgings are too short to block my grassroots. I gardened in England and only had to cut the edge of the lawn once in spring. Here on the edge of the prairie it just does not work with the amount of edges/plantings I have in my half acre ornamental garden. Should I use specific grass seed and redo the lawns? THank you.


Winneshiek County Iowa about 4 years ago

white clover in pasture

Believe clover is causing horses to drool. Need ideas to manage pasture and reduce/eliminate clover.


Winneshiek County Iowa 3 months ago

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