Winnebago County, Iowa

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Maple turned brown nearly overnight

I planted these 4 Autumn blaze maple trees last Sept. They were doing well and I've been watering regularly using gator tree watering bags. One of the 4 seemed to shrivel up and die in a matter of a few days. others are fine. No pests or bugs can be seen and leaves on other trees seem good. Any idea why or suggestions? Thank you for any help you can offer



Winnebago County Iowa 2 months ago


I have in my lawn a great deal of course grass which has a broad blade. I do not want this grass in the lawn as I want the fine thin bladed grass. How do I get rid of the course grass ?


Winnebago County Iowa about 6 years ago

Ag Ext. Council Members

How can I become an Ag Extension Council Member?


Winnebago County Iowa almost 6 years ago


A year ago the local church put in a new windbreak of arborvitae. Four died over winter. The nursery that they came from didn't open this spring. I purchased replacements at Home Depot. The tag from HD said Smaragd thuja occidentalis. The nursery returned my call last week and said our original order was for Techneg arborvitae. Are these just trade names for the same type of tree, or are there differences. I can replace next spring with the same species. The nursery charged $40 per plant, the HD plants were $10. They were smaller, but healthy. Another question is how to tell if a watermelon is ripe. I put in mini plants this spring and have multiple melons on the vine. One is about basketball size and good dark green color. I've been fooled many times by the melons in the bins at Walmart. Finally, I planted a wisteria, about 4 years ago. This year it has grown vigorously, with multiple stems and about 5 feet of additional length this summer. But, still no flowers. On your radio show I heard you say only 1 variety will flower in Iowa; either a Kentucky or Tennessee variety. I thought that is what I ordered. Did I get the wrong variety, am I too far north, or does it need some special care to bloom?


Winnebago County Iowa about 1 month ago

tree roots

I have cut down a number of volunteer trees and sumac large bushes. The tree stumps and sumac stumps continue to try to regrow quickly. What can I use to kill these systems ? Thanks, David Dakken.


Winnebago County Iowa about 6 years ago


How can we get rid of woodbine ?


Winnebago County Iowa over 5 years ago

2018 soybean seed

I have some 2035 Asgrow seed left over. What is the downside of saving it for seeding in 2019?


Winnebago County Iowa over 2 years ago

Dealing with Medical Debt

Just received Notice to right to Cure from a the local Debt collector for Medical bills. Have not been good at paying up to this point. I owe over $ 2,000. What is the best way to deal with this without it going to garnishment ? I have been told maybe to contact the original Organization that I owe money too. Is this a good thing to do ? Please help me


Winnebago County Iowa over 6 years ago

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