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Wayne County IA over 4 years ago

drying soybeans

I have 200 acres of beans in the field to combine yet. trying to decide if moving corn out of drying bin so we could use it for beans is worth the time and effort. Is air enough to keep and dry down say 15 -16 % beans. If heat is needed how much can I safely add. This bin has no stirator.


Wayne County IA over 1 year ago

Thorny locust trees

How do you kill a thorny locust tree, with out it shooting suckers out of the roots. How do you kill one, with getting a 100 more?


Wayne County IA 5 months ago

goal sheet

is the a goal sheet you can download and be able to type on and then print out?


Wayne County IA almost 3 years ago

processed dried egg shell as a calcium substitute

Saw an ad for processed dried egg shell to be used instead of lime. Cost $35 per ton plus trucking. Can you give me any info as to its cal. content, breakdown time, cost comparative to lime at $6 per ton and any adverse effects.


Wayne County IA over 1 year ago

Deer damage to grapes?

I want to plant garden grapes at our cabin in Wayne County. We have an abundant deer herd and I am concerned about browsing on the vines in the early years. I have the Extension bulletin on growing grapes but it doesn't mention protection from wildlife on the vines. Do you have any suggestions - is protection necessary, what should I use? Thanks in advance.


Wayne County IA over 4 years ago

home canning ?

Is there somewhere I can get the pressure gauge tested for a canner? A friend gave me a larger canner with a gauge and it hasn't been used for over 20 years. I want to make sure it is safe before wasting my time trying to can my garden produce using it.


Wayne County IA over 7 years ago

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