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Healthy low fat, high fiber meals for a single adult.

Washington County Iowa over 4 years ago

Usage of a Penn State Article

Hello- I am with Premier 1 Supplies. We would like to use your Lambing Jugs article for an upcoming newsletter. Who would be the appropriate person to get permission from, uou will be given full attribution for the article. Sincerely, Rachel M. Fishback www.premier1supplies.com


Washington County Iowa sheep over 5 years ago

What is killing my lilac bush?

My parents planted two lilac bushes in partial sun over ten years ago. They have struggled and haven't bloomed fully since those first two years. They appear to be covered in a fungus -- leaves are powdery gray and the branches are covered with blue gray lichen. The branches are mostly leaf-less, with some twigs dead and others with sparse leaves here and there. What could be the problem?



Washington County Iowa lilac bushes over 4 years ago

How can I keep my baby's breath seedlings from wilting and dying?

My baby's breath seedlings started out great! But now they're wilting and dying. I spray them morning and night with plain water generously. Is that too much, too little? They're inside in front of the bay window. They have enough light. The temperature is the same as the house -- 76° to 80°. Please tell me how to save them before they all die!


Washington County Iowa trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

education packets

Our FCS teacher found packets that explained grains and dairy but now we are unable to find any of the other packets that had been listed. Where should we look to locate those packets? Liz Harris, ParaAssociate Mid Prairie Middle School Kalona, Iowa


Washington County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Horse fun show

When will the johnson county fun show be?


Washington County Iowa over 5 years ago

Is keeping bees permitted in Washington County?

We were thinking of starting a couple bee hives on our property in the spring of 2015, but have heard that some places regulate this or prohibit this. We live in rural Riverside, outside of town limits. Thanks!


Washington County Iowa about 5 years ago


Healthy high fiber cooking for a single adult.


Washington County Iowa over 4 years ago

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