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Wild edibles in Iowa

Is there a color brochure that shows the wild edible plants in Iowa? My grandson wants to spend the day with Grammy gathering food the way native Americans did. I really don't want to accidentally gather something poisonous Thank you

Warren County IA over 6 years ago

Master Gardner

Hello, I received your information from Denny Schrock, Iowa State University Master Garder Program, and I'm interested in hearing more about what it takes to become a Master Gardener. Currently, I work in the Insurance industry but have been increasing interested in garden over the past few years. I live in Norwalk and that is why I was referred to the Warren County Extension Office. Any information you could provide me on the Master Gardener program would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you. Melissa Allen

Warren County IA over 6 years ago

Sudden bazaar maple tree problem

5/22/13 - Last week this young maple tree was beautiful and on Tuesday of this week we noticed the leaves are becoming black and schrivled up starting from top down! What could have happened. All other trees, shrub, grass in the area look great. We're at 611 Sawgrass in Norwalk, IA


Warren County IA over 6 years ago

Academy for High School Students

Is this event also for high school students? According to the announcement, Senator Ernst stated that additionally there would be an Academy for High School students interested in agriculture, along with the events scheduled this month in Iowa.


Warren County IA over 3 years ago

Diseased green bean leaves

My bush green plant leaves ha e healthy veins and start with good leaf color. Now the leaf areas between the veins look as if painted over with a beige coating, starting from the center and radiating out. What should I do to save a crop?



Warren County IA over 2 years ago

yard sign

How do I get a yard sign to support you in the election?


Warren County IA about 5 years ago

honey bees

I believe I have a growing honey bee hive in my siding. They have been there for a few years, but were never bothersome until this year, and there are many, many more. I am single, my fiance is in Afghanistan, and my 17 year old son was swarmed and stung twice Sunday after mowing our lawn. I am allergic to bees of all kinds and I've heard nothing good about attempting to remove them. My mother and grandfather suggested getting in touch with someone from there about my problem. Can you help? I live in Indianola and have no flower beds in my yard. Thank you.


Warren County IA over 6 years ago

Killer bees

Our 1 year old yellow lab died this morning after being attacked by bees last evening. I found her, covered in bees and listless. Should I report this to someone and is there any interest in looking into the type of bee it was that attacked? If this is not the correct organization to direct this question to, please assist me in finding the correct place.


Warren County IA over 6 years ago

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