Van Buren County, Iowa

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Can you tell me what is going on with my cat?

I have an eight-month-old cat. A couple of days ago I noticed him throwing up clear, foamy and then yellow sputum. Looking him over, I found that the inside of his ears and some areas on the face and upper body were green. Called the local vet and she had no idea what could be wrong. The cat comes and goes in and out at times. Has not been out for three to four days. I live at the edge of a very small town at the end of a street. Property is next to a pasture that has three horses in it. Then two fields of sweet corn and garden with numerous vegetables planted there. Other cats and dogs in the area aren't having this problem. He appears weak, not his ambitious self, and not eating. He is drinking some. Do you have any idea what is going on with this cat?


Van Buren County Iowa about 6 years ago


my husband found this mushroom this afternoon 10/12/18. can you tell us anything about them?



Van Buren County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Storing Apples with Sooty Blotch

Our apples have sooty blotch this year. It washes off and they taste great. Is it ok to store them to eat later? I did not plan to wash them, but just wrap each individual apple in newspaper and place in a wooden basket, and cover it all with a thin cloth. What do you recommend?


Van Buren County Iowa about 6 years ago

Canned meat safe to eat or not?

I brought a jar of home canned beef upstairs from cool basement and within minutes the lid popped and was no longer concave but bulging. Is it safe to eat?


Van Buren County Iowa over 6 years ago

book club

wanting info about how to get a book club started and any clubs already in the Van Buren county area. this is for our library


Van Buren County Iowa about 3 years ago

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