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Federal tax return

I filed my federal taxes with turbo tax and recently I was filing my state return with onepricetaxes. While doing so I had to input credit information about my college education which I don't remember doing so in turbo tax. This information boosted my federal refund amount to $1,470 meanwhile with turbotax I only received a $600 refund which has already been deposited into my bank account. Can I file my federal taxes again in order to receive the remaining difference? Please help, and thank you.

Story County Iowa over 7 years ago

mowing recently laid sod

When can we mow newly laid sod? It has been down about 2 weeks and has been watered daily. It is growing?

Story County Iowa over 6 years ago

what Is My Tiny Bug Infestation?

It started late this winter. Each time I entered my garage I felt very sharp bites from seemingly invisible bugs. Now it is warmer and I get these same SHARP bites whenever I walk on my lawn and tend to my shrubs. I have never had allergies. I am cleaning everything from my garage. CAN YOU HELP ME? THE BITES ARE SO BAD THAT I CANNOT STAY IN THE GARAGE OR ON MY LAWN.I still have not been able to see any of these bugs or whatever it is.
TODAY IS THURSDAY, MAY 7, 2020. I hope someone is there to reply to me, but certainly not a priority with the corona virus issues today.

Story County Iowa 5 months ago

Roadside seeding and ground cover

I have a recently completed road and cleared field on property I own, completed a week or so ago, leaving unfortunately roadside slope with bare dirt, a ditch, road extends approximately 1000 feet, and a 30 deg degree slope up to 60 feet wide. I understand the Iowa DOT uses native grasses/plants for roadside seeding, this would be preferred. I understand crownvetch is potentially an invasive problem plant. Some low height shrubbery might be an option Would you have recommendations for seed sources, recommended mixes, with a goal to minimize future maintenance What are my options for planting time, Now? After temperatures below freezing? Early March? I don't want to plant and then have grass killed by freeze. I would like place some Hay/Straw/ to prevent erosion; can I seed first, (if straw first then seed on top my not penetrate soil to sprout) Any Vendors for low cost straw matting material? Thanks for your help! Tim Lowry

Story County Iowa almost 7 years ago


We have rabbits burrowing holes under our fence and trying to make nests in our back yard. How do we prevent this in a way that would be safe for our dogs?

Story County Iowa about 3 years ago

Type of weed

Hello,W type of weed is this and what type of herbicide will cotrol it?



Story County Iowa 10 days ago


Where is a good spot near Ames or Des Moines to see the cicadas? What is the right time of day to see and hear them?


Story County Iowa over 6 years ago

Wet basement remediation options

We have had issues with moisture in our finished basement for 12 years. Water does flow to our sump pump when it rains, but we still see moisture at the base of our walls when rain is excessive. We have tried adjusting the slope of the nearby soil and have installed a french drain system in our yard. However, we still see occasional moisture, such as this spring. We are considering adding drainage inside the house, near the footings of the wall. We have met with two different companies that claim their method is superior. I've attached diagrams of both methods - one is installed on the footing, the other drains from the top of the footing to a tile inside the footing perimeter. Are you aware of significant advantages of either method? Thanks, Scott



Story County Iowa over 7 years ago

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