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Fairy gardens

Information on these fairy gardens at the Iowa State Fair for 2013-2014

Shelby County Iowa over 5 years ago

Green Ash Borer.

We got this morning to ash leaves all over our deck. One would think it is fall the way they are dropping in the breeze. It is a old green ash tree. Is this a sign of serious problems, like ash borer?


Shelby County Iowa forestry trees and shrubs disease issues emerald ash borer almost 4 years ago

What is this???/

The following weed? has been popping up all over our lawn and my flower beds? What is it and what do I do to get rid of it? Rose Hascall Shelby Iowa 51507



Shelby County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Canning pickles

I am making lime pickles. I soaked them in the lime solution. I did the second step of rinsing them with water. It seemed like they were slimy before I put them to soak in water over night. Does that indicate they are spoiled and shouldn't be processed further? I have made them many times in past years. Thank you Jeanette Knudsen, Elk Horn, IA


Shelby County Iowa over 3 years ago

Name of Tree

wondering name of tree that is growing south of harlan on our property .. it is growing on the terraces.. there is several and just wondering before we cut them down.. there is a few I would like to dig out.. I do have more pictures if you need them.. thanks



Shelby County Iowa 6 months ago

Can I grow Karl forester grass with switchgrass and bluestem, in a decorative...

Can I grow Karl forester grass with switchgrass and bluestem, in a decorative area of the yard? And if so, can they all be burned off in the spring?


Shelby County Iowa trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Bromegrass Killer

What will kill bromegrass in an iris and poppy flower bed? Thanks!


Shelby County Iowa about 4 years ago

Strawberry vanilla hydrangea

Why does my Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea only send out branches to its right side? Should I cut it back sharply and let it regrow or what would cause this behavior? It is probably less than 5 yrs. old and 3.5 ft. tall.

Karen Johnson, rural Avoca IA


Shelby County Iowa 5 months ago

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