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My amaryllis has not bloomed. It has 3 leaves. each almost 3 feet long. What...

My amaryllis has not bloomed. It has 3 leaves. each almost 3 feet long. What can I do to preserve it and make it bloom?

Scott County Iowa about 6 years ago

adding new staff to our website

I have been able to delete staff and change staff names but cannot figure out how to add new staff can you please advise me. Thanks! Teri

Scott County Iowa about 3 years ago

adding new staff

I sent a question about how to add new staff but I figured it out. Thanks!

Scott County Iowa about 3 years ago

Human hair infestation

I found out we had bedbugs and carpet beetles I believe brought down from a child living upstairs coming over and staying the night , we all started getting bites . No doctor knew what they was . two pest inspections and I was lied to and told only carpet beetles were found on the second inspection . I had no idea the nightmare that I was about to live through ! The upstairs neighbors had a fire about a year ago ,when the water came pouring through the ceiling so did a lot more bugs it was so bad everything was infested . We were left homeless bites everywhere anywhere we stayed became infested our hair as well but was told over and over it's lice they gave us the shampoo it did not help one, doctor gave us the P/ whole body cream that seemed to help but now they are back in a whole other state and new apartment but owned by same owners as I was only aloud to break my lease to move to another of their properties ! It is happing again I am not well and a single mother fighting for disability I do not know who to turn to the bugs are in my hair hatching I have seen them fly out when taking down my bun I, feel them crawling on me and pick them and larva from my hair why are there No doctors who are taught and know how to treat Human Body/Hair pest infestation ? what can I use to kill them on me and in my hair I also believe they are in my scalp I ,see little nats fling around me small black dots fall off me when near hot things like cooking washing dishs please help us all who need help with this embarrassing issue . And if there are any Lawyers smart enough to win this case please contact me as well I have everything from treatments , pest control , pictures , witnesses piled up and now having to add to the nightmare I thought had ended . thank you all who respond with help .

Scott County Iowa about 5 years ago

What is the life of a musician like?

What is the life of a musician like?

  1. How long have you been a musician?

  2. What do you do everyday in your job?

  3. What is your pay?

  4. Has it changed over the years?

  5. Do you travel?

  6. When did you choose this career, and why?

  7. Do you enjoy this career?

  8. When you were little, did you know this career was the one you wanted to have?

  9. Is this career a tough one?

  10. What are the struggles?

  11. What are the benefits and good things that come out of it?

  12. Do you play an instrument?

  13. Do you teach others?

Thank you for answering! This will help me learn more about this career!


Scott County Iowa over 4 years ago

Cleaning up a swale

There is a small swale that runs behind our home in Le Claire. We are int he process of digging out the bad weeds such as poison ivy, creeping charlie, and cocklebur. Once the area on both sides is clear of the bad weeds we would like to plant some natural varieties of good weeds such as maybe milkweed, bee balm, thistle, and maybe some grasses or day lilies. Is there any assistance through the state, county, or your horticultural department? A friend told me about getting some free plants and assistance but she could not remember from where. Please let me know in which direction I might look for some help with natural planting to encourage a natural eco system.


Scott County Iowa about 7 years ago

Career Pathway Project - Psychology

I am doing a project for my school TAG program for careers we would be interested in in the future. I chose the field of psychology to study. I have the following questions:

1. What is your average day like?

2. What prior experience was required for this job?

3. What education and/or training did you need for this job?

4 What skills do I need to advance within this field?

5. What does the future hold for this type of career?

6. What advice would you give someone wanting to launch a career in your field?

7. What’s surprised you the most about being a therapist?

8. What’s the biggest myth about therapy?

9. What’s the most challenging part about being a therapist?

10. What do you love about being a therapist?


Scott County Iowa over 4 years ago


How best to treat termites in a house?


Scott County Iowa about 7 years ago

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